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  1. Further to my error - I went 2-0 up (see goal updates) but the match engine says 1-1 with completely different scorers And further more, it gave them a second goal that never happened, and me a sending off that never happened on the pitch Another error at the end saying that match engine was out of sync
  2. Same error for me, glad it's fairly common, using an extended non-league database
  3. I made the same error too, could be a bit clearer
  4. Any update on this for the new version of iTunes and FM13, might have to send my iPad in for service and don't want to lose my game
  5. Question on work permit

    Thanks, looking at that Dugout post, keep offering him contracts will do the trick (maybe)
  6. Question on work permit

    Croatia 2 years, still too long for my 19 year old Brazilian. I've tried searching for another team, to see if they can do it quicker
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Is his determination 20?
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Board a little hard to please??
  9. International Management on FM11

    Right the, been left with a squad that I'd like to change. I've already been knocked out of the U19 qualifiers, all games completed. I want to make some changes to the squad and that would involve removing players. But when I select players to remove, I get the message (player name) is confirmed in the Irealnd Under 19's squad and cannot be removed. Is this because Roy Keane (Ireland first team manager) picks the squad?
  10. International Management on FM11

    Hang on, answered my own question, used staff search and it's pulled up some more. Will that be it then? Or can I find more with better scouting?
  11. International Management on FM11

    I've just taken over as Ireland Under 19's Manager in 2018 Can anyone tell me - are the players in the National Pool all that are available? Or is there more. It's quite a healthy selection considering I've not loaded the Irish League or added players but there is still a couple of areas I'd like to improve on
  12. I'd got Harrogate Town to the Championship, but couldn't buy a win from anywhere and was severly restricted by a 3800 capacity stadium. So Coventry,m lower mid table offer me a job. I have a bit of negotiation because they want to pay me less than what I was on at the moment. So eventually we come to a deal and I press accept. I expect to be in charge straight away but get a message saying I will join on 1st July Funny thing is, I sign a few players, massive improvement in form. Coventry meanwhile go on a massive nosedive and they've just replaced me in the relegation zone. So I could be dropping a division next season. How ironic would it be if I got a new stadium too! Anyway, as per the topic, has anyone ever had an appointment for them made so far in advance (was in November I accepted)
  13. Buy game for mac

    You can of course buy any retail version, they all work on the Mac This has the added advantage of being a physical copy, saves downloading and if you shop around you can save a few quid too. You can still install this version via steam, which has the added advantage of "trophies", automatic updates and the ability to play with no DVD in the drive
  14. Fergie retired June 13, replaced by Aguirre
  15. alan shearer

    I'm in April 2014. Left Newcastle to manage Blackburn, then went to Villa in Jan 14