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  1. 38 users browsing this thread. This is surely the most popular one going at the moment. Some great ideas in here. Just picking up on those few niggles everyone has. OP is on his way to cult status.
  2. Regardless not everybody knows about these forums, for a game that sells as well as FM SI should really release an official version, even if it is only what is in the tactics forum.
  3. But the ongoing point made here is that people want things confirmed by SI not speculation.
  4. I think much more likely, the progression bar is just a feature that doesn't really work. Like the screen that shows you a favoured formation you've never used.
  5. I have actually noticed there is a large amount of goals from the restart following a goal. Usually if the highlights begin straight away after a goal I assume another is coming. it actually happens both for me and against me. Statistically probably no more than 1 in 10 or 15 goals but it's noticeable.
  6. Takes more than that for my boss to let me go home for 2-3 days.
  7. What is it exactly the physio can do that could heal a cold quicker than anything any person could do at home? And why can't a physio treat a player at him home. Like on call. The option of sending a player home or having a physio treat his cold doesn't really make sense to me.
  8. Reminds me a bit of AVB, whenever they are up it's a striker off, when they're down its a midfielder for a striker.
  9. I used to sign him for Liverpool all the time. Whenever he used to get skinned by a winger I remember releasing a torrent of homophobic abuse at him with subtle slurs of his name. i'm not homophobic but the opportunity was too easy.
  10. Not exactly the biggest problem in Football Manager is it? Besides if he actually knew he was taking on the responsibilities of two jobs he might ask for a bit more dollar.
  11. Have you signed others in his position since the scout report?
  12. You may find if you click on the job centre link after from the available jobs page. And you filter it to manager only there may be some international jobs left vacant as well.
  13. Yes the above is correct. You can't expand because the stadium because there is no further room for it. You can't buy a new stadium already it's only been a short while since you moved. There is a minimum of 20 years which I suppose is realistic I mean how soon would you expect Arsenal to leave the Emirates.
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