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  1. Woking should be. Aldershot are in the game which strictly is incorrect as we train full time hours, just one day less a week.
  2. I guess it helps having played the game before stars were introduced! Attributes and statistics all the way for me. Some of my best signings have been players who I wouldn't have signed had I gone with stars/CA and some of my best performers are players who wouldn't have featured had I used stars/CA. That said I do find stars for PA a useful guide to future development but the attributes need to be well distributed for me to make the move.
  3. Your best bet would be to wait until somebody does the regional leagues or holiday for a year and see who gets promoted.
  4. Yes, plus €a$t&€igh (ahem sorry Eastleigh) who are bankrolled.
  5. Also Sheffield Utd and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Check the Coventry stadium situation in the game as that could be another option (albeit with harder finances).
  6. Fwiw I don't support a Premier League team, I don't consider the PL the best in the world and yes I have heard of those players (even if I don't necessarily agree with you about them being shoe-ins)! The Almunia/Cudicini rumours were press rumours at a time when we were lacking a number 1, we wouldn't consider them now when we have a clear number 1 and some decent young options around for the gloves, and it is hard to say how seriously they were considered anyway. 8 players but I could have named more who were considered, outside of England, to be good players for their position - G. Neville, Hargreaves, a fit Michael Owen just off the top of my head. I was merely pointing out that the top English players are not overrated in the game, or if they are slightly overrated in the game (such as Rooney a few seasons ago, good player on his day but not a top player) it is down to the individual researcher and isn't an institutional approach by SI to make England win lots. England's relative success - I know they do win 2014 too often, but anything after 2018/22 shouldn't be an issue - isn't to do with overrated players but other factors. Lets not forget the likes of the Ivory Coast, Mexico and Croatia will win the WC in the game as well - are their players overrated?
  7. English players are not overrated - having previously been an assistant researcher and knowing how players are rated I'd say I'm better qualified than most in this thread to say that. Look at the players individually as part of their club teams and look at how they are viewed by their peers in other leagues: the likes of Ferdinand (I'm personally not a fan, too error prone), Terry, Cole, Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Beckham, Rooney,... are/were all well regarded players for a reason, they are/were very good examples of players in their position. Cashley in particular was probably the best LB around for a number of years. Would Mourinho have persisted with Lampard if he had a better option, no! Likewise would Van Gaal have made Rooney captain and shoehorn him into the team at the expense of others. No! Hell would Pellegrini continue to make use of (the imo underrated) James Milner if he wasn't good enough? Whatever problem England have on the highest stage, and remember this also applies to Spain before '08, the Dutch for many years and the French since 2000 (bar '06), is not related to individual ability of the players. Take the Gerrard/Lampard/Scholes debate. England at one point had three of the best central midfielders in Europe, it was just a shame that the three couldn't work together, but not a shock as they all occupy the same space on the pitch and have fairly similar roles - though I guess Scholes plus one other may have worked in a 4-5-1. More fool the manager(s) that tried to fit them into the same team. Tactics, football culture, an occasionally limited talent pool (in the past no LM, recently no RB), a combination of unwillingness and cost that prevents players moving overseas in their prime and perhaps a few attitude problems have contributed. Dare I say the 'you shouldn't be proud to be English it makes you a dirty racist' attitude that has sadly pervaded our culture due to racist political parties (that often attach themselves to football) has an impact as well - would an English players be as proud to represent his country as a German? - but it isn't down to the standard of our players.
  8. Back on FM06 I paid a whopping £6k for a striker in the Swedish Div1 (can't remember if North or South). He'd scored well for a team relegated from the division and looked to be streets ahead of my other strikers. Scored 4 that season, 2 from the spot but on the plus side he made a decent right winger.
  9. But a vast number of people (no idea who you support, sorry) support mediocre mid-table teams and hold no pretensions of success. Would I rather my team, who are mediocre and mid-table in our league, play attacking football and run at the opposition and so maybe lose a few more because we are more open than stand through the constant dire defensive, 'possession based' tripe that we have suffered for the past few years? Yes of course. The same for me applies for England. Would I like to see England go out and take a few risks in games against freaking San Marino and Estonia, yes, because boring performances like the last few aren't enjoyable and football is an entertainment business.
  10. I'd guess something like you see for new AAA shooters and such, so it'll be FM with a plastic model of the cover manager, an art book and a bonus dvd with the documentary and other behind the scenes stuff
  11. You can just imagine after the Tukums game the manager getting home to his wife: 'Any improvement dear?' 'Well we scored 3...'
  12. toonbalmy, would it be possible to get a screenshot of the international results with each end of season update? It would be good to see who we have been playing against and what sort of results the nations are getting.
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