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  1. I just ordered mine from gaming dragons for $38 dollars used the code UGRocks... Got an email right away and should be receiving my cd key within 2 hours according to the email.
  2. ghosts doesn't work anymore, anyone know of a new code that works for them?
  3. Hey All!

    Yes welcome fellow American! I am an American/Greek and love the FM series, I feel similarly about the MLS cant get into it like European Soccer. Anyway my recommendation (it might have been posted already) is let FM decide your favorite team, meaning start unemployed and take on the first English team that offers you a job, or just randomly select a premier team if that doesnt fit your style. I've found that sometimes I want to learn more about a "foreign" team after playing it in FM. Either way get the 2014 version it looks awesome.
  4. Almost ordered from them till I got to the last part where they charge for the P+P... Brought the price up to $44 which is not bad if you want the actual physical game which I dont. Too bad they dont have a digital copy only option.
  5. I ended up going with that option thanks Hugo.
  6. I have perused the Laptop thread and it is informative. I am excited that FM14 is coming out and want to know which would help the game MORE for a laptop. I want to be able to play multiple leagues without too much slowdown. So which one of these components is more vital for FM 14? A SSD drive? A whole lot of memory? A focus on buying the best processor? Or focusing on a awesome Graphics card I realize all play an important role, but gaming machines nowadays are geared toward graphics and FM14 is a whole different deal. Should I opt for A: 256GB SuperRAID -Dual 128GB Plextor® M5M mSATA] w/ TRIM[1080MB/s Reads] vs 500GB Seagate Momentus XT 7200rpm Hybrid SSD Hard Drive 2.5" SATA B: Or would 32gigs of memory vs 16gigs be a bigger help to loading more leagues and not slowing the game down too much?
  7. Thanks, wonder if when the new code goes in if it retroactively also helps those that started early...
  8. Hey guys please dont get mad, I know the FM community can be tough with repetitive questions but since I just purchased the game a few minutes ago I need to ask. I am playing 13.0.2b326362 which I imagine is the latest beta build? anyway If I chose to start a full game right now would I be able to continue it when the game gets released and patched? Or should I wait till the game gets officially released to take advantage of all the fixes?
  9. Paypal and steam for fm 12

    Same here always use both with 0% issues.
  10. Agreed, nothing to fear here it will be released on time on Steam just like always.
  11. I think a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to lack of funds, but when you compare this game to crap PS3 or XBOX360 games that usually cost almost double the price I would choose SI's game every time. (although I am enjoying disgaea on PS3) LOL...
  12. Thanks SI, its the only game I can purchase through Steam (Living in Florida US) and not really care too much about "is this game gonna suck". I dont believe I have ever played a game that I felt such confidence in that I dont even have to do much research just buy it and expect it to be just as good or better then the previous version. Cant wait to play my beloved Greek League in FM2012 just pre ordered and looking forward to it! Thanks SI! Hope you all continue making this great series for a very very long time.
  13. Football Manager Live

    Ya sometimes I miss FML as well a free to play model with DLC to improve your team could be a $$$ maker for them I think.