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  1. Sooo... In about two months (mid-February usually)
  2. In about two months it should be fixed
  3. There is a constant value error on this text where the name of the opponent coach is replaced by mine: In English: (Sergiy Kovalyov) En Français: (I blurred it for safety reason but you can see that it's not the same name)
  4. In the last database, the job at Lokeren is free. So when you start a new game, there is no manager there and anyone can get the job. It happened to be Van Wijk in your game. I don't know how I could explain you this any other way.
  5. In the last database, there is no manager at Lokeren. Are you sure Van Wijk hasn't signed after a few days?
  6. It's still 7 players. Clubs have to give a selection of up to 23 players the day before the game but can only select 18 of them at the last minute.
  7. For me, it means that it should always be the smaller club that plays at home as it's not possible to determine if the club have correct infrastructure or not. Which is the case actually in game. So it's not an issue. (and by the way, this isn't a data issue at all. It should be put in the League Specific)
  8. It is. The only issue is that in real life, smaller clubs don't have the facilities (usually not enough lights) to receive.
  9. I managed to launch it a bit but it's mostly unplayable with a belgian team as you force a number of dutch homegrown on the 25 list.
  10. I just tried to run it but it said the file wasn't tested in the editor so I did run a test and...
  11. It has already been done. Several times. This is just for the impatients like me.
  12. If anyone is interrested, I've made a temporary fix for the homegrown rules in Belgium. I simply changed the 3 years between 18 and 23 years old to a more usual 0-21 years old. I know this isn't 100% accurate but at least, the game is playable this way. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1574107694 This file uses the Belgium: 4th and 5th division activation from Claassen:
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