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  1. Decided to lay some of my James Rodriguez top scorer bet. Can see Muller getting another in the final, and /or messi getting a couple.
  2. I'm on the same bets. Just waiting on Lukaku Not sure he's even going to play though. He wasn't happy when Wilmots took him off. And he didn't do much in the first 2 games. Hopefully he starts and wants to prove the manager wrong
  3. The only player I didn't want to score (Ruiz) and he does. He's now Costa Rica top scorer. Campbell couldn't even walk in extra time. No chance he was getting one. Praying on a Campbell goal or 2 in the next match v Holland. Still trying to work out the best lay options
  4. I'm nervous now. Stand to win about £1500 if Joel Campbell stays as joint top team scorer for Costa Rica. Currently he is joint with 4 others (dead heat rules, but if he can score again has a chance of being top Costa Rica scorer. My worry is another player scores my 5 fold could wipe out. Praying for a Greece win to 0. Or Campbell to score a few goals. Can't think what lay bets I can do in case another player scores a few goals Any advice?
  5. I'm up to £130 now. Probably stop and save some for when the tournament starts. Managed to get £10 on Belgium to win at 150/1 (placed in January 2012) after reading some article on Belgiums golden generation I'm now supporting Belgium
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