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  1. I struggled with 13 at first regarding Tactics which was purely because what I had learned from 10, 11 and 12 was thrown out the window which is difficult to suddenly drop those habbits. I done alot of reading on here and in the Tactics forums to get pointers and the improvement was instant. The only problem I've had is the length of saves on 13 compared to what I had on 12. I just find it alot more boring in the long term for reasons already stated such as the changing of managers which is just farcial and pointless signings by the AI instead of buying what they actually need.
  2. Harsh breaks but I reckon you get more involved in a save when something like that happens. Makes you more determined to prove them wrong. The German league is brilliant once you get used to it, I started unemployed on my last save and won the German second with 1860 Munich in my first season and loved it. Started another save unemployed and I've took over St Pauli in the German 2nd again because I enjoyed it so much.
  3. Im managing Madrid and Ramos and Pepe are a complete nightmare for me in my first season. Comes with who they are though.
  4. So i've now used it in for a whole season. Finished 5th overall, which is not very impressive. I find that it is very inconsistent, you will batter a average team one week, then play an equal side and get batterd yourself. Not for me im afraid.
  5. Update on the tactics. 4-2 win over Killie 1-0 Defeat to Aberdeen 3-2 win over Celtic in cup quarter final 2-1 win over Livingston 4-0 win over hamilton 2-1 defeat to Rangers Overall it's looking really good with since using tactic: Played: 6 Won: 4 Lost: 2 and the 2 defeats were a 91st minute penalty and a strong Rangers squad.
  6. Obviously you didn't notice the joke off it mate He's got 1 foot he'll be lucky to hit the prem lol. Still quality on FM
  7. Try getting some Championship teams at home for a pre season league, that usually gets me funds. Try getting a few scottish teams aswell: Hibs & Hearts would be gd
  8. Right guys, I've downloaded HotWav version of the tactic for my Hibernian side. Second season has began and im 7 games into it Current record with different tactics are: Won 2 Drawn 3 Lost 2 Which isnt good enough and sees me sitting 9th in the SPL. I have a very strong squad for Hibs and I'm just about to get started with this tactic vs Kilmarnock in the League. My team: Szamotulski (He was wanted by Inter in pre season) Simek Hogg Jones (6 foot 7) Hanlon Thicot Gerard (Former Barca) Stevenson Ross McCormack (The one at Cardiff) Zemmama/Vassel Steven Fletcher (The one Madrid are after in real life)
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