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  1. I've lost battle for Werner. Insigne is unavailable as I play online and Napoli is managed by human. Cristante and Petagna are already promoted. Thanks a lot.
  2. PeterPistola could you please advice a signing for position Inside Forward before first season? I've sold Robinho and bought Januzai but SES got an injury. So I need one more player for this position with a approx budget £10M. Thanks
  3. I have 2 problems with this tactic playing for Milan 1. A lot of injuries. Currently 8 first-team players injured. All injuries got during the match. 2. Very passive game in away matches and against weak teams and many draws as result. What team talks do you use in such situation?
  4. How do you change tactic during the match depending on match score?
  5. Has anybody modified WC Quals Rules using advanced panels?
  6. Is anywhere a brief manual of how does it work? Thanks.
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