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  1. I was going to do a review of season 3, but decided not to as the player of the season would have been the oppo GK who is the best In the world every week. Yeh, it happens way too many times.
  2. Oh my. RM. Last 8 CL. 1st Leg at Anfield. 5-0 at HT Stays 5-0
  3. I have got to that stage as well now. Although I just tried and as start of April, no cash in bank. Of course, after all the prize/TV money comes in, I'll be rolling again. So just have to wait a while longer. And lucky you for a decent regen. There have been none in my game for the past season and a half. Luckily, most of my players are teens/early 20s. I will also be looking to sell 3 or 4 players. Not sure which ones yet, but I have real issues rotating all of them and Sturridge/Balo are looking expensive - although both score an average of over a goal a game. Then again, so does every on
  4. So I won the League Cup and they are all now happy! The LEAGUE CUP!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dear SI, It is my third season in charge. I have won numerous trophies and am on course to win absolutely everything this season. On the last day in Jan, two more players wanted to leave to seek trophies at bigger clubs - Raheem to RM and Tielemans to Juventus - this was on top of 3 players in the August transfer window. I promised cups and they are Slt but performing OK. Last season it was the same. I won the League Cup and they were all happy. I will be playing the league cup final soon. If I win, then obviously a happier squad for the end of the season. But SI, you really need to tone t
  6. I have just had a question in press about being the side that commits the most fouls and receives the most cards in Prem League. But then again, all my players have hard tackling as an individual instruction! Players with high tackling skill a must for the tactic I use :) :) :)
  7. I really cannot recommend the tactic enough! Most of the goals I have conceded have been from 1 or 2 shots a game - obviously annoying given I dominate - and there have been two games where I have conceded 3. One a draw, one a 4-3 extra time win.
  8. And just beat Man City 4-1 in the replay having been 1-0 down.
  9. So just over half way in season 3. 115 goals scored (98 excluding 2 world club champ). 23 goals conceded. 36 games played. Won Charity Shield, Super Cup an World Club. Top of Prem by 4 points. Just beat Spurs 4-1 at theirs in League Cup Semi. Have a FA Cup 3rd round replay against Man City coming up. Using Sir Goalalot tactic from FM Base. As can be seen from the stats, it lives up to its name! I have only just reached Fluid in tactic as well, with passing still only accomplished. No player in squad averages below 7, with Sterling averaging over 8 due to his 15 assists and 11 goals. I play h
  10. Yeh, happens way too much. just drew 2-2 with Villareal in CL group stage. 40 shots vs 4. 18 vs 2 on target. CCC 2 vs 8. Possession 63%. Corners 16/1. This followed a recent 2-1 loss to Southampton. 7 shots to 23. 10vs 4 on target. 2 vs 7 CCC. 55% possession. 4 matches earlier a 1-1 with Stoke. 3 shots vs 29. 2 vs 9 on target. CCC 1 vs 4. 60% possession. 8 vs corners. The problems here are: Too many chances being created by the match engine. Too many saves being made by the opposition GK. Too many CCC missed by me. It is almost as if the match engine decides the result before the game and
  11. and as soon as I can, will have to sell Sturridge and Balo. Both permanently injured. Sturridge now out 3 months with a calf injury picked up in the Charity Shield
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