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  1. Hi everyone, I am still wondering whether to buy this year's version. In that respect I am interested to know if the AI is acting more sensible in regards to squad buiding in FM19? Has anyone experienced something after playing the game for several seasons? Is still the CA the biggest factor, or are the AI managers able to buy players to fit into a system and thinking more long term (talent development etc)? I know that this is hard to implement from SI, and I don't expect a major fix, but is there any signs that suggest that it is better than the previous versions? Thanks! Mathial
  2. I am playing on patch 18.3.3 and have not encountered the bugs with too many long shots hitting the corner flag. I actually feel that the ME is better than ever, and that my players are doing what I ask them to do. I score goals from crosses, through balls through the middle and some long shots from outside the box- I just do not understand how the game can play so different from game to game..?
  3. Great post! I have one question; Have you managed to get the IF to cut inside and score (like Robben or Hazard) very often does IRL?
  4. SteveMc, how do you get to have the stadiums in the background during matchday? I thought this was not possible in FM18..
  5. Has he played regularly for PSG? Have they bought another player in his position? Has he been injured and not developed as expected? IRL they will buy him next summer (2018), but a lot of things can change in two years that can influence a player's career. I also see that Chelsea bought Renato. If Chelsea had bought him on FM17 after two years, I guess you would have thought the same thing, unrealistic. Well today he is warming the bench for Swansea, so anything can happen in football.
  6. This is absolutely horrific! A team such as Inter should be ambitious and sign good replacements! I really hope SI anwer and look into this. This is without doubt a game-breaker!
  7. Hi, Is it just me or do players never seem to dribble in FM18? In FM17, some players could dance through a defense if they had good dribbling abilities, but in FM18 I feel that the players just play a support passes instead of using ther accelaration and dribbling skills.. What is your experience?
  8. Where is the default background file located? I can't find \skins\fm-widgets\graphics\backgrounds..
  9. Okay. Thanks for the quick answer. I fully agree with you on this, but it would depend on the type of injury. For example, why risk a star player in a normal PL-game if the consequence is that he will be out for a longer period of time?
  10. Hi, Has anyone else noted that the opposition manager fields players that are injured? I played a Crystal Palace-side where 4 players had the "inj" tag. This happens almost every match, resulting in the fact that the AI manager has to make substitutions early on.. This must surely be a bug?
  11. I thnk it has been fixed now in the latest hotfix..
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