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  1. It's something related to code of FM. Pace is mosr important attribute in FM, it takes most CA points, especialy for strikers and wingers, but it's also most important for defenders. I'm not sure if that is true in real life, but in FM it is!!!
  2. Classical winger (AML). With that speed he would be unstoppable!
  3. African Regens

    welll even if we don't load African players, once in a while there should be some player from Africa...
  4. ...year after year, game is playable only after last patch! ....I experimented a little, but serious playing only after last patch!
  5. Unlimited Potential

    ....no smart guy, read again and try to think a bit! ....no they will not be world class on every position, cause other players will be better too. And no...Messi would never have high attributes for jumping, heading and tackling, that is reality, but reality is also that some attributes of Messi today are too low comparing other players and it's only because of CA limit. just for thinking....think that this Messi was playing in 1930. He would have better every single attribute than all other players, even probably tackling attribute (jumping would remain low altough). So why is hard to imagine that in another 100 years there will be no such very dominant player?
  6. Unlimited Potential

    Altough I do agree that PA should exist and that unlimited potential is bad idea....can you please explain one thing... ...Why can't we see a player allmost full opf 20's once in a 200 years? I do believe that one day there will be player that is better than others in allmost every category, no matter the position. Also there are lots of oppinions that Messi should be better in game, but it's simply not possible cause of 200 CA/PA limit. My point is that if hipoteticaly player has all 20's in attributes, he would have to have CA of around 270! You just make impossible that player can be better in all attributes than all others, it makes no logic sense in theory....and future will show it in real life for sure. And not only future, the past tells that too. Messi today is probably better in every attribute than any player in '40's, or even '70's!
  7. Unlimited Potential

    Altough I don't agree that PA shouldn't be fixed, I too don't like that some players have to be downgraded because of 200 CA limit. I mean....I want to see player with allmost all 20's in attributes once in 200 years!!!
  8. Transfer list them and offer to other clubs with 0 transfer fee and include clause payement for 48 months where you can ask for more even more money than their worth is! Also....if nothing can help, just try to resign them, but only for one season and just let them leave the club... They will probably ask for bigger wages, but if they are on 5 year contract and there is no way you can sell them and they are useless to you, it's ok to give them even 2 or 3 times bigger salary for that season. It will be tough for you wage budget, but next season it will be better!
  9. Maybe SI could explain this a little?
  10. Smallest League?

    Swdish 4th tier...you have to play 22 games i league and 1 or 2 games in cup (cause you will reach second round maximum). So 24 games for whole season. Very funny, I'm curently playing with Karlslunds In Iceland you have also 22 games in league, but you have to play lot of cups.
  11. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    ...actually I enjoy when they come with 4-2-4 (if they don't have better players than me). Simply you have to instruct all your back 4 not to have any forward runs (rarely), and you need one player for cover on DM or MC spot just in any case (with ultra-defensive mentality, so he will track back to help your DC's). Also it's advisable to have 2 more players on CM to counter their 2 CM's (so that makes 3 CM's or DM with 2 CM's). Than 2 wingers (doesn't metter much where do you place them, on MR, ML or AMR, AML spot), and your best quick ST. Very important is to tick counter attacking button, it's key!!! If you have better team you can play with slightly attacking mentality (1st notch of attacking for example) or if they are similar you can change to normal (middle). Defensive menatlity is advisable only at the end, cause if you employ it too early, you risk high pressure on you! Passing shouldn't be short, cause you want to quickly send ball to their half (miixed is better than direct if you want to have some possesion). So, advisable formations are 4-5-1 (with wingers or wide midfielders and very defensive central MC), 4-1-2-2-1 (with wingers, like Barcelona tactic), 4-1-3-2 (with DM and 2 MC-s), 4-3-1-2 (with AMC and cental MC with very defensive menatality)...
  12. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    Wow.....world class keeper, much better than Godoy....you will notice that soon ...and very good CD (Silva). Also good striker, I know he is cheap, but try to improve midfield (only Arnautovic is world class). Good luck
  13. wow....this MC striker is best striker I have ever saw on FM probably. If only he has better jumping he would be BEAST!!!
  14. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    Hmmm I don't know why are you strugling so much, I carefully examined your players, most of them are fine (altough you have very few world class players). Your best part of team is attack, Arnautovic is also world class, Kooiman is one of better, but still no world class (like Pique, Vidic...) Try to sign only best players (or young players who can turn to be best), I think you are investing much money in let's say average players, you really have enough dept, now it's time to improve alll areas!
  15. Wow....great player...would be great winger, but I think his attributes will fall if you do so, cause his winger attributes will use more CA, I would do it only if he has some reserva CA points (I mean he has room beetween CA and PA).