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  1. Started a Fulham save... got off to a really bad start and was 13th after 9 games but I created a new formation and have won 8 out of 9 and drew the other 1-1 which has put me joint 2nd Only signings i've made are Jack Grealish on loan and Dele Alli from Mk Dons
  2. Been at Tromso for 8 years, might move on now. Might spend 3 years in each top country then manage England before retiring: England France Germany Holland Italy Portugal Scotland Spain Russia Brazil Argentina
  3. Just won 30 out of 30 in the league. Scored over 100 goals aswell.
  4. In my 8th season and i've won 16 out of 16 league games. Maybe I can win all 30? If i can win 10 leagues in a row I might then move on and try and win every other major league in Europe and manage England before I retire in 2050.
  5. Just won my 7th consecutive title and the europa league. conceded 2 goals in 30 league games and my top scorer scored 78 in all competitions at the age of 21. 318 games in charge - 234 wins, 45 draws and 39 losses (most of them in europe in the early years)
  6. Just won my 5th consecutive title and the board have unveiled plans to build a new stadium due for 2018. Only problem i'm facing is attracting real quality players to give me a chance of reaching the latter stages of the champions league.
  7. Been at Tromso for 3 years, won 3 leagues and 2 cups. Managed to keep hold of Kara, Remi Johansen and Thomas Drage. Going to try win 5 consecutive titles then move onto to a bigger club I expect.
  8. Will my game that i saved before the patch was released have the patch updates on it or will i have to start a new one? The game status says it's 12.1 but not sure if changes have taken place even though it says 126 database changes :s That might be my Real Competition name file, not too sure.
  9. But i like playing with Sunday League Footballer reputation as it makes the game more fun to go from Sunday League to worlds best manager. I'm just saying when I win the players are still taking no notice or anything, that's not realistic i'm afraid.
  10. Is there even a way to make team talks work? When i lose it's demotivated/takes no notice/loses focus, when i draw it's the same and when I win even against the bigger clubs it's still the same outcome... How can i raise morale and get team talks to work?
  11. It's not realistic now and it wasnt before. Its just less fun now that's the differance for me.
  12. It's when you win 3-0 and the players are taking no notice or uninterested. That's what is wrong with it.
  13. Yep when i've specifically chosen this team to suit this tactic. Also i've had success with this tactic on 5 other teams.
  14. You cant even hold a team meeting before the start of the season to try raise morale, i've given up on the game as it's not fun so hopefully SI do what they are best at and that's adjust the game back to it's greatness. Every player was on low morale even though i'd praised them all and took the pressure off them and all 3 blast the penalty miles wide. I then get four 0-0 draws against Dundee and Slovan Bratislava when i'm Sporting Lisbon using a tactic that on the previous patch was amazing. It's also a tactic with 50k downloads.
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