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  1. i believe that whether or not a striker has the PPM "uses outside of foot" affects this as well.. for a right footed striker playing on STL and this ppm, receiving the ball from the left means he receives it using his right foot and can then immediately cut in.. when he receives the ball from the right, he can still cut in because he can control the ball using his outer right foot.. whether is it better for him in case 2 depends on his 1st touch and technique..
  2. may i ask how to u get the match rating on the profile and attribute pages? i would really want to have it on these pages for easier accessibility.. thanks!
  3. downloading these and trying it out.. thanks for sharing!!
  4. awesome thread... thanks for compiling his threads in a single thread for the community!
  5. his threads and post never fail to leave me in deep thought. the community will miss u. RIP. our heartfelt condolences to your family.
  6. yes it is very saddening indeed. i hope a mod would edit this thread of his to at least link to the other announcement thread to let everyone know. frankly i see many people on this thread talking about this topic but not many seem to know fraser is no longer with us.
  7. yeah.. me too..! thanks for the in-game editor!
  8. WOH! thats really impressive code there to enable background changing in the game..! this is as good as an additional UI feature for the GAME!!
  9. quite surprise that SFraser hasn't drop by to say hi yet lol!!
  10. if u are running steam or FM 2011 retail in admin mode, the FMRTE editor also needs to be ran in Admin mode to allow the program to read and modify the memory of FM 2011.. i run steam in admin mode and if i do not allow admin mode for fmrte i get the message above..
  11. just reading this last page brought new enlightenment to me in how to play the game!!
  12. i think just install it for the system.. its a framework for the system and can be used by all applications which require it as long as it is installed for that particular computer.
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