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  1. How do I get my U-21 team to have any fixtures? I'm in League One, in my fourth season (having started in VNS). My U-18s are in a league, but for some reason my U-21s never have been. I can't find any option to apply to join a league so some advice would be gratefully received.
  2. When I first started the game I was able to change Tactical Preparation and Set Piece preparation in the Match Preparation section, however I have not been able to change them since then. They do seem to change periodically, but there is no obvious way to work out who is setting it (for example, as far as I can tell in Staff Responsibilities I have responsibility for all training). There is a Match Focus training session before every game.
  3. When you click into a player and are presented with a number of different sections providing different information, including Attributes, Season Stats, Career Stats, Fitness, Dynamics etc. On the top left is 'Positions' which displays a pitch with the different positions a player is competent in, ranging from Bright Green to Red. When you click between them the Comparison section on the right of the screen doesn't update. So you can see how they compare against your players in the initial position, but not any others. If you click into Coach Reports, you can get that information by switching between positions, but this of course does not work for players that you don't own (and in general is an annoying extra couple of clicks).
  4. Kyle, thank you very much for your response. I'm afraid to say that it is still an issue for me. Are there any changes I can make in the preferences, or any other fiddling that might fix it for me? I'm running the most up to date version.
  5. I presume I'm talking to myself at this point, but for what it's worth this is still an issue.
  6. When you are in a player's profile, when you click on on a different position in the Positions widget (eg. change from CD to DM) it doesn't change the Comparison widget so you can't see how that player compares to others in your squad. If you go into Coach Report and change the position it does change the comparison so the functionality appears to be implemented. This has been a problem since FM21 - see my report of it here.
  7. It is pretty mind boggling that showing a player's strongest position is a 'feature request'. That isn't a feature, it's a bug, and a bug that you've been aware of since at least 6 days before the game was officially released. Very disappointing.
  8. This still doesn't work for me after the most recent update. If I'm doing something wrong and there is an easy fix I'm happy to be corrected, otherwise it's quite dispiriting that this is still an issue after two years.
  9. When you click on a player and bring up their details it displays a series of widgets, one of which is labeled 'Comparison' and compares a player to others in the squad for that position, however if you then change the position in the 'Positions' widget, it doesn't change the comparison to that player (eg. AM L to AM R). It did this in FM20 and before, but was a bug which I reported in FM21 which was never fixed. This was supposedly fixed in the latest build in November, but I'm still having the same problem.
  10. When you get the notification of your new intake of youth players in March (English leagues) it doesn't always describe their strongest position. In the example I've attached the two central defenders (James Smith and Liam Moore) are described as D R, rather than D C. I've seen other examples of Strikers being described as AM R etc. This seems to be a recurring issue with the game not always being able to identify a players strongest position, and defaulting to one of their weaker ones..
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