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  1. This worked! I feel a bit silly now :)...
  2. I'm sure I'm doing something stupidly wrong but I just can't save my changes as of 20.4. For instance, I load the 20.4 database, change the name of a club, go to 'Save editor data as', give the new file a name click save and then... nothing, it just doesn't save. It doesn't say it can't, it just doesn't do anything. This is saving it locally in the 'editor data' folder. Am I going mad? What the hell am I doing wrong? In the original version it was fine, and I have a few old saved editor data with significant changes. Any help gratefully received!
  3. Darren Oldaker is great, I would definitely recommend him, but the standout player for me has been Jordan Cox, an AMR who is rated as a L1 player halfway through my first season in Van South. He’s also my leading goal scorer and assister...
  4. You can also savescum the initial notification which talks about roughly what sort of players you are going to get, and it does seem to vary quite significantly.
  5. I’m on my mobile so I can’t remember all the players I got on a free, but the main one that sticks out is Islam Feruz who I got for my create-a-club based on Billericay. I’ll try and get the other names later on.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I agree with the point about the importance of picking attributes to match the position. I guess what I was looking for was key attributes to look for when I'm scouting the worlds markets, to point my scouts in the right direction!
  7. Ahh, interesting. I hadn't thought about personalities at all, but that is a sensible first step.
  8. I definitely do - it would be nice to have an option that said 'Make them available, unless there is a clash with a first team game', occasionally I've been caught out by an injury crisis, and my backup backup has just played in the U23s...
  9. I thought of another one, sparked by one of S0ni42's suggestions - I'd like to be able to gauge the appeal of my club across the world, so that I could work out where to pick my affiliate clubs (and what success my current ones are having on the commercial side of things) and where I should be touring to increase my fanbaset
  10. I'm trying to identify promising new regens (without using the in-game editor), and was wondering if there was any consensus on which attributes pointed to a player likely becoming a wonderkid, rather than waiting for my scouts to spot them. In previous games Determination was a key one, but I believe that has now changed. I tend to look for youngsters with surprisingly high mental attributes like Anticipation, Vision, Flair and Decisions, as well as good Technique. It doesn't seem to be working very well for me... Has anyone had any success doing this? Or do I need to keep waiting for my scouts to stumble across promising players.... Grateful for your thoughts!
  11. As Malibden points out, none of this feedback is going to affect FM20 - but maybe FM21... For me, youth recruitment is something that has not seen any real change for many years. Every year the highest potential players seem to be the same sort of players, especially strikers. I'd like to be able to set priorities for what sort of player should be being brought in - obviously no guarantees, but as someone that prefers to promote players rather than buy them, it would be nice to spot a position that is going to be a gap in four years time or so, and start trying to groom a replacement. Aside from that, a bit more work on the programming to speed things up would be lovely.
  12. I’ve had a search but I can’t seem to find anything on this. I’ve got to the stage where I can pick an affiliate club to expand my reputation in that country (and consequently increase merchandising revenue) but there is no real guide as to which will provide the most revenue, or even a rough guide. I’ve worked on the premise that, like in the real world, China and the US are good to try and get into, but has anyone done any research on the subject, or found anything in-game to give a guide?
  13. I’d like to belatedly say thanks to everyone for their thoughts. Really appreciate it. Real life got in the way of my FMing for a bit, but I’m back on it now and this has really given me some food for thought (especially the fact that apparently I have 5 playmakers 😂. I was interested that playmakers are apparently ineffective - I hadn’t noticed that, so I’m going to try tweaking the roles and see if it makes a significant difference.
  14. I'm playing with a slightly modified version of the Control Possession tactic with a 4 - 2 - 3-1 formation set up as: DLF (at) IF - EN - W BWM - CM (Su) WB-BPD-CD-WB My best midfielder is a DLP or AP, but I worry that I'll end up with too little coverage in the midfield, and will be duplicating the Enganche's role. Any thoughts?
  15. Hopefully these change will be accompanied by increased feedback, so that you can see why a player has improved in a particular stat.
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