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  1. Football Manager Modifier

    Try running it as an admin! Right click on the link and run as administrator. That will probably sort it.
  2. 8.0.2 Feedback Thread

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by swirlypop69: I agree a 8.0.3 is needed. You can tell already... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thats 9.00 then. They've said this is the last patch for this game.
  3. 8.0.2 Feedback Thread

    Gutted about the subs as I'm one game into a new season. Should have taken yesterdays hint and closed up shop before going on to playing for 10 hours. Glad the subs are in there though!
  4. Why Are SI Quiet?

    They are hopefully all testing the pants off the soon to be new patch, so everyone can be happy. I'd doubt that other developers are as open about what they are doing as SI have been in the past, so perhaps they're just getting on with the game and letting the mods sort the forums out.
  5. When I found my team doing uselessly I was constantly tweaking this and that was a hit or miss in terms of success. A few more defeats down the line, something clicked in my mind. Maybe, I thought my old 4-4-2 formation is not broken, but that the players are not playing in it consistently. In the previous season I had e won the league and in doing so played pretty much the same team throughout the season due to not having a massive squad. But, due to being in the Champions League I went a bit crazy in the transfer market. I did go on to qualify for the second round of the champions league, but found myself in 15th in the league. From, this point I decided to freeze my squad selection, bar injuries and fitness, to see if my theory of consistent squad selection would work. I had nothing to lose really because I was already in bottom half of the league and expected to get into the UEFA cup. Anyway, to my surprise overall things improved considerably with 5 consecutive wins in the league. Despite this though I still got destroyed by Man Utd 4-1 and lost to Juventus 4-3 at Fratton Park. Yet overall I moved up the table from 15th to 6th. So when things go pear shaped perhaps trying to change formation and the starting eleven is not in the best interest of your club.
  6. I have not tralled through 36 pages of suggestions so I wholeheartedly apologize if my suggestion has already been mentioned. When going into the player search you can select your assistant manager to filter out players he does not think will sign for you. My idea involves being able to change who does the filtering out. I think it should be possible for you to make your head scout do this for you. This should get a far better picture of players that will want to sign for you, than if your assistant manager does it.
  7. Biggest Regret

    Mine is taking over a nearly relegated Portsmouth side instead of going to a mid table German club. Got relegated but then promoted but face a difficult spell keeping them back in the Premier League.
  8. match engine

    Whats makes me laugh win the ME within 8.01 is that Dave Nugent is the only striker I've found who can consistently score 1 0n 1's. The ME's not great but I'm just getting on with it. Moaning will not make the next patch come faster so why bother?
  9. Excluding easier games where I dominated everyone as Man Utd and then Real Madrid, who I am over a whole season unbeaten with, my greatest achievement is probably getting Albion Rovers into the UEFA cup and then beaten Real Madrid in the first knock out round. However, the only thing I've won other than the leagues leading to the SPL was the Scottish cup, so on a trophy front its not great. However, having turned a semi-pro into a mid table SPL club I'm happy. This was all on 07.
  10. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by olrion: I thought I was the only one but it seems there are many people experiencing the same problems as me. I am close to turning FM2008 off for good. I only have so much patience to watch my Spurs or Man Utd team batter a team for 90 minutes and lose to more clinical finishing. FM2008 has made me realise that actually Robert Earnshaw is more clinical than Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo put together! I agree with many peoples comments about tactics, there is too much of a focus on this. Sure you should have to tinker with your tactics a little or what's the point in the game but I kept the exact tactic for 10 games in a row and I got mullered everytime! That would never happen to a top flight team in real life. It's about the players more than the tactic, if you have world class players then they will play well no matter what tactics you play.... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I think theres a balance. Teams that lose 10 games in a row do not have world class players. If a team is underperforming its the managers job to put it right either through tactics or through personnal or both. As Portsmouth I didn't win for 6 games on the bounce, but following a minor tweak with my formation, which happened to be a player run, I won my next 8 matches. This included dispatching a Prem team in the League Cup, despite being a play-off hopeful in the Championship, with no world class players.
  11. Not sure if this has been said or not but if I've already paid £40 for xbox live, I would not then pay monthly for FM live, but would be willing to pay a one off fee, just like buying the games in store.
  12. I reckon that theres 3 other types of FM players. One type who micro manage nearly every setting and the other type who macro manage by only doing the basic tactics. The third is those who fit somewhere in the middle. I think I'm in the middle but over the years I've been moving more and more towards micro. I can no longer win by doing what I used to so I've had to change with the times.
  13. I never said there wasn't a bug or was a bug I just want to know whether or not the things that can't be seen on the 2D pitch are affecting the chances created. If they are then the problem is proportional far less.
  14. This is supposed to be a constructive post, but, well here goes. Not sure this is the best place for this so sorry if its wrong. Firstly, I have seen the problems that you are talking about and have at times been extremely frustrated with my strikers or their goalkeeper, depending on who's fault I deem the miss/save to be. However, whilst I definetly do not want a 3d a match engine I feel the 2d engine does little to dispel the myths regarding the shots on goal/supergoally scenario. Perhaps its only me, but I find it particular hard to visualize what the strikers/goalkeepers are doing when the one on ones arise. Only a 3d engine would show this ie whether the striker is on balance on their favoured foot or whether the defender hounding the striker down is challenging for the ball at the moment the shot is taken. The 2d engine just shows players, shooting and goalkeepers, invariably saving shots, without the bigger background. Perhaps with this, and, football being football, where on any given day any side can beat another. Besides many strikers into todays Premiership are not the greatest of finishers one on one, and goalkeepers are getting better. However, all this theorising doesn't prove/disprove whether this is a bug. Only those who code the game will know whether what I have mentioned affects one on ones or not.
  15. I had gone back to FM 07 before I could download the first patch because its not possible to here at uni because the internet is terrible. However, once I got home, I put the patch on a started playing. I can see everyones issues and I have my own theory about them, which I'm not willing to divulge as I'm not interested in a mass debate. Overall, I'm playing FM 08 over 07, when I have time, because I got exasms for the next 3 weeks.