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  1. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  2. [FM10] Regen which could be my son??

    The big question is: Would you have named your son Danny?
  3. This tactic has been great for me so far - 4 games, 3 wins, one 1-0 defeat
  4. 2039

    Any chance you could let me know how Peterborough United are getting on? Thanks fella.
  5. Exactly. People brag about their great tactic, then mention that they're playing as Barcelona or Chelsea. When someone comes up with a tactic that works with Hartlepool or Histon, then I'll pay attention.
  6. I'm trying it with Peterborough. V4 tweaked. Second season, Championship. Tried it in four games and lost all four without scoring a goal.
  7. Hmm. Was struggling in second season after a good 1st season. P6 L6. Tried V4 tweaked and lost 2-0 and 1-0. Creating hardly any chances.
  8. Probably a stupid question

    Well that sucks. Yeah, I did download a tactic. I miss my shout-outs!
  9. but my shout-outs box during the match has disappeared. I can oly make tactical changes, rather than just issuing simple instructions. And the feature where you click on the player in the tactic screen to set them to attack, support, defence - inside forward, winger, anchor man etc - has also gone. What have I clicked?
  10. Have you taken your game back yet?

    Reporting back: Not a single crash since turning off the sound. Thanks. Can this be fixed with a patch?
  11. Have you taken your game back yet?

    I mean it's from someone who understands Macs (unlike me).
  12. Have you taken your game back yet?

    At last, a considered, well thought-out post. Thank you
  13. Have you taken your game back yet?

    But, up until now, I'd never considered FM to be particularly graphically complex and demanding - especially compared to the stuff you see in games these days. I stand corrected.
  14. Have you taken your game back yet?

    Fair point - but as I just said above, the majority of us FM players are casual gamers - we've always played FM/CM and never had a problem - so we'd expect a machine that can handle most other stuff with ease to be able to play FM with no problems, just as it always has done. For me, the game flies along quicker than ever with six playable nations (five with top div only, england with leagues down to Blue Square North/South) but even low 3D is jerky and the crowd noises crash the game. Just seems a weird thing is all.
  15. Have you taken your game back yet?

    Trouble is, my Mac does meet all the spec - but it seems the graphics card is at the minimum end of that spec. But, the problem seems to be caused by the sounds used during the match - how is that related to the graphics card? Another point that I'm sure I'm not alone in being confused by is the graphics card itself. No-one except hardcore gamers and computer nerds really understands what a graphics card does - or even what theirs is and how it compares to the one listed on the back of the game packaging. I'd guess that the majority of FM players are not hardcore gamers (it's the only game I play and has been for years) so the graphics card guff on the back of the pack is pretty meaningless to me.