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  1. On 08/07/2018 at 08:49, CMOZZA said:

    Iirc Lowest points was Panama.

    Lowest Goals conceded is a farce imo because Uruguay conceded 0 in the group's but 3 in the knockouts. Iran and Peru conceded 2 each in the group's but never made the knockouts much like other teams that conceded 1 in the group's but have then gone on to concede more in the knockouts. So I will leave @Readingfanman to clarify that one :D

    Fastest Goal so far is Denmark's first minute goal last Sunday I believe.

    Card details here (Argentina  & Panama lead with 11 Yellows each, Croatia and France have 8 each, Belgium on 7 & England on 5):  https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/world-cup-2018/fairnesstabelle/pokalwettbewerb/WM18/saison_id/2017/plus/1

    Ahhh had Uruguay :(

  2. 3 hours ago, Pukey said:

    Southgate on the takers: "Our list of five takers altered because of the changes we made but we had some young players who showed resilience under pressure. We have practiced enough, we have been through a process and we were in control of that. I felt so confident in the players, even after the first one was saved, because we knew we would save one of theirs."

    So yeah, guess I was wrong.

    People criticising Southgate and the changes/lateness of the changes and I don't disagree, but the mentality he's bred into this squad is incredible and I think the system, overall, has worked. I don't get people saying we played poorly, we were the better team for a huge portion of the game, Colombia had, what, 20 minutes where they looked better?

    Southgate has done a very good job so far.

    We were the better team yes. But we could have/can be better. Sterling has no confidence, Alli half injured. Leaving Rashford for the last 5 mins? :D Can't believe he's only been given proper playing time in that "friendly" vs belgium. 

  3. Just now, CFuller said:

    Nice to hear that you're enjoying this.

    World Cup 98 was the first video game I ever owned, so it's very close to my heart. I did actually go ahead with my idea of simulating the whole tournament, but in private. I'm currently midway through Round 2, and the biggest shock so far is that Argentina went out at the Group Stage, finishing behind Japan :eek: and Croatia. England are facing Croatia in the last 16, while Scotland predictably went home early.

    Yeah it was the first video game for me so its very close to me too! Remember it so well, even all the music on it! 

  4. On 08/06/2018 at 17:31, CFuller said:

    It does help that I have far too much spare time, but thanks. My stories really are labours of love, and I'd like to think that'll show when we get into the finals. All the fun begins on Tuesday, don't forget!

    Apropos of nothing, it's time for a confession. I'd always wanted to do something special for this summer by simulating a previous World Cup, though not necessarily in Championship Manager. I had planned to dabble into YouTube by simulating the whole 1998 tournament on World Cup 98, but I felt this was a better and more enjoyable idea. Besides, I'm far more confident as a writer than as a video creator. Maybe I will one day give YouTube a try, but right now, I feel like I've made the right choice to stick with writing. :)

    Great story, again, @CFuller . Just read your Dagenham story (took a while but was brilliant)

    That World Cup 98 idea is great too! I spent so many hours on that game! Loved it! :) 

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