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  1. Made a couple of changes. Try again. I know on the PC that custom logos/backgrounds can make that skin reload much slower. I'd suggest removing them temporarily to check the skin loads ok, then move them back later.
  2. Sorry - was an issue with the tablet background. Made a change. Try to download again - see if that helps.
  3. A PC Touch skin could be tested on tablet just by adding the 'tablet_skin' line, but it would have to be a Touch skin to begin with. You can't make a Full FM skin into a Touch skin just by adding the 'fmc_skin' line. What I meant was the 'fmc_skin' line is how you would identify that it's a Touch skin. Hope that makes sense.
  4. If you have a look at 'skin_config.xml', first thing to note is the line: <boolean id="fmc_skin" value="true" /> This indicates that it's a skin for Touch. If that line has a value of false or is not present, then it is a skin for full FM. Next, there's this line which indicates that it's a tablet skin: <boolean id="tablet_skin" value="true" /> Then there's this section which indicates that the skin "builds upon" the default 'fmc tablet' skin.: <list id="parent"> <string value="fmc tablet" /> </list> This section may also be represented like this, which is the equivalent: <flags id="parent" value="fmc tablet" /> So in the case of the ones I've posted, they have 'parent' of 'fmc tablet', then just a couple of files to change colours. It looks like the default tablet skin is similar to PC skin, but with increased spacing and some buttons added/changed to improve controls on a touch screen. The stuff I've done probably works ok on tablet because it doesn't deviate too much from that default. If you have a PC FM Touch skin you may be able to get it going on a tablet by setting the 'parent' value above to 'fmc tablet' (it would likely just be 'fmc' on PC). That might work but it will depend on the skin. If it's fairly small modifications you'll probably be ok, but skins with more heavily customised panels are likely to cause problems. As I've mentioned, I don't have the tablet version myself so haven't been able to look into this much. That being said, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of Touch skins around at the moment.
  5. @DavyDepuydt1 - should get some time to have a look into the light skin issues over the weekend.
  6. Fixed - you'll need both the 'fmc-tablet-dark' and 'fmc-tablet-dark-bg' on your tablet. Maybe better to use Resource Archiver and package these up as FMF files to makes transferring to tablet easier.
  7. Fixed. I think it can be improved further, but at least in the latest version the checkbox is visible.
  8. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Ok, great. There's a few fixes in the PC one that I hadn't moved to the tablet. Will do that + look at background support.
  10. Hmm, that's odd. Didn't intentionally change those colours - will look into that. I play with the dark version myself so the light version hasn't been tested nearly as thoroughly.
  11. You got the tablet version working? I suspected it would work but don't have the iOS/Android version so was never able to test it myself. If that version seems to work (other than the BG transparency) - I should be able to fix that fairly quickly for you.
  12. Have you tried out the tablet version at the above dropbox link? (fmc-tablet-dark.zip). I have tried to port the dark skin to Android/iOS, but I do not own either of those versions to be able to test it myself.
  13. Save uploaded. Name is "ScoutingAssignmentLosesPlayerType.fmv". Screenshots showing how to reproduce the issue here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/11jwuqvjb2uob63/AAAA0CUOYFb0aO6l0mDsSdwKa?preview=ScoutingAssignmentLosesPlayerType.pdf
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