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  1. Made a couple of changes. Try again. I know on the PC that custom logos/backgrounds can make that skin reload much slower. I'd suggest removing them temporarily to check the skin loads ok, then move them back later.
  2. Sorry - was an issue with the tablet background. Made a change. Try to download again - see if that helps.
  3. A PC Touch skin could be tested on tablet just by adding the 'tablet_skin' line, but it would have to be a Touch skin to begin with. You can't make a Full FM skin into a Touch skin just by adding the 'fmc_skin' line. What I meant was the 'fmc_skin' line is how you would identify that it's a Touch skin. Hope that makes sense.
  4. If you have a look at 'skin_config.xml', first thing to note is the line: <boolean id="fmc_skin" value="true" /> This indicates that it's a skin for Touch. If that line has a value of false or is not present, then it is a skin for full FM. Next, there's this line which indicates that it's a tablet skin: <boolean id="tablet_skin" value="true" /> Then there's this section which indicates that the skin "builds upon" the default 'fmc tablet' skin.: <list id="parent"> <string value="fmc tablet" /> </list>
  5. @DavyDepuydt1 - should get some time to have a look into the light skin issues over the weekend.
  6. Fixed - you'll need both the 'fmc-tablet-dark' and 'fmc-tablet-dark-bg' on your tablet. Maybe better to use Resource Archiver and package these up as FMF files to makes transferring to tablet easier.
  7. Fixed. I think it can be improved further, but at least in the latest version the checkbox is visible.
  8. Ok, great. There's a few fixes in the PC one that I hadn't moved to the tablet. Will do that + look at background support.
  9. Hmm, that's odd. Didn't intentionally change those colours - will look into that. I play with the dark version myself so the light version hasn't been tested nearly as thoroughly.
  10. You got the tablet version working? I suspected it would work but don't have the iOS/Android version so was never able to test it myself. If that version seems to work (other than the BG transparency) - I should be able to fix that fairly quickly for you.
  11. Have you tried out the tablet version at the above dropbox link? (fmc-tablet-dark.zip). I have tried to port the dark skin to Android/iOS, but I do not own either of those versions to be able to test it myself.
  12. Save uploaded. Name is "ScoutingAssignmentLosesPlayerType.fmv". Screenshots showing how to reproduce the issue here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/11jwuqvjb2uob63/AAAA0CUOYFb0aO6l0mDsSdwKa?preview=ScoutingAssignmentLosesPlayerType.pdf
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