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  1. I know nothing about setting this stuff up, but have you checked the quality of the players? Could it be that no players get passed up because simply the "feeder" clubs are of sufficiently low status that their newgens will simply never be good enough to play at the standard of the parent?
  2. How much money is there going to be for, say, winning the Northumbrian league, whatever you've called it?
  3. Why not just holiday the game for one season, let the national cups you've added play out, then record all the teams that won and add them as entrants? Even with your method you're still going to have unrepresented countries. You've split England into three, for example, yet it only had one entrant into the last CWC...
  4. How many teams from each country are you having entered?
  5. I'm really liking the sound of this. I have to ask, though - since you're going for a bit of a nostalgia trip and running the Champs League and UEFA Cup in their old formats, will you be resurrecting the Intertoto Cup as well? And perhaps some regional tournaments in the way that there used to be the Anglo-Scottish Cup and such?
  6. Removing nations from UEFA

    The number of countries in each continental association is hard-coded, yes.
  7. one quick question on the demo

    Click "selection info" which is now on the top-left, and select "transfer"
  8. Nike No More?

    I did note that the Nike tick is still really prominently featured on the logo on the Steam store. I wonder how long that will stay the same?
  9. Nike No More?

    Edit: I see what you did there
  10. Nike No More?

    They're going to typo the year on the next version?
  11. Why!?

    One year isn't a track record. From my experience of the previous FMs, you can't get any national job in your first season or season and a half - just like you wouldn't be considered for, say, the Barca job if you applied. Give it until your third season (or late second) and they will start to offer you jobs. IMO even this is much faster than a manager would traditionally get offered a national job IRL, exception of players who are groomed for the role or are national legends (i.e. the disaster that was Maradona).
  12. Nike No More?

    You're right. If you look closely you can see where they've photoshopped out the tick over the seam of the ball, right smack in the centre. Seems a little pointless, though, since the patterns on the ball are easily recognisable as the Nike T90 Tracer with the blue Premier League trim.
  13. FM11 youtube goals thread

    Can I just run slightly against the trend here by posting this fabulous own goal scored by van der Sar in a game I "went to watch" between United and Arsenal? (I was managing neither team, but I'm so glad I decided to go to see it and I had to upload it.) I've embedded it as you can see, but you'd be best off going to youtube itself and viewing it in HD full-screen to see how truly badly van der Sar screwed up. The direct link, if you fancy it, is right [video=youtube;LI4gVLGoXoI]
  14. Mine are those annoying types when you know the game has it in for you and has decided it's time for you to lose. More specifically, the type of goal where your defense are playing high up the pitch and the ball gets cleared out with a punt. One of my CDs is usually on station to collect the ball but for a totally inexplicable and rather unrealistic reason, merely walks towards the ball while an opposing striker covers three times as much distance in the same amount of time, gets there first and then has an entirely clear run on my goal. Thankfully I don't concede many of them. Also, to a lesser extent I tend to concede annoying goals when the ball is bouncing around the goalmouth and one of their players gets there first and toe-pokes it in.