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  1. Like, 2011/2012, But im addicted to my newcastle save ATM.
  2. Well since ypresfr has sent me his save file, I think i will do a few more seasons
  3. Hmm, Not sure, Log onto Msn, You can send it through there. Savefile.com
  4. Also, Log onto msn, You can send it through there, Or Via Email
  5. YPRESFR Sorry, the file you requested is not available.
  6. My Oxford game got corrupted ASWELL as my Arsenal one.... Infact, All my saves did.. Anyone got a saved game to upload?
  7. Good, Dexta, Im using your tactic now with the shape to a simple 4-4-2.
  8. I really need a tactic, I Cant put a run of 4 games together.
  9. FFS! Im winning 3-1, Then grays draw 3-3.... Really Annoying
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