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  1. jack_hayward

    FM/CM Legends (Help needed!)

    Peter Prospar was the legend of CM3 if i remember rightly. He was a striker and was unbeleivable! I dont think he has appeared in any other games since. Back in the days when if you made your striker mark the opposition keeper he would score about 5 a game!
  2. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Does anybody else have the following problems with FMRTE? The first image shows that when you search for a specific player, his profile doesnt load properly. The second image shows the squad list at a club where the players arent in the list as they should be. I have windows xp 64 bit if thats a possible reason.
  3. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Does anyone have a problem with theirs where it doesnt load any players into it? When you load the game into FMRTE if you look bottom right it says what it has loaded. Mine says Players: 0 - Staff Members: 0 - Teams: 74935 - Human Players: 0. That means exactly waht it sounds like, search for a club and it brings it up, search for a player and it doesnt. Players also dont appear in the team list on club. Any ideas how to solve this? I had this problem on a previous version last game.
  4. Why has the go on holiday feature been set back to not being able to do it during a match? Sometimes if i was up about 4-0 i would just go on holiday for 1 day during the game and then retun after that. Why has this been changed so i cant do it? It used to be like this on a previous version as well, why change it back?
  5. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    [/img] Unfortunately what you have posted above didnt work, i uninstalled net framework 4, there was 2 in my add remove programs list, client and extended, so i removed both. Then i restarted amd installed it off the link you gave above, then restarted again. Then loaded FM11 and my save game, then loaded FMRTE and clicked load game, the image above is what comes from that, as you can see in the bottom corner, it loads no players or staff at all and i cant see why! My save game isnt corrupt as its only just been started and saved and hasnt been edited at all as i cant get FMRTE to work. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any response.
  6. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there is a quick fix? I have the latest FMRTE version as of today and also my FM11 is up to date on steam, i also have the Net Framework 4. My problem is when i open FMRTE then load my game, it seems to load like normal, but it doesnt load any clubs / players into it, it just has cities etc. I have started a new game to see if it was a corrupt save but its doing the same on the new game. Its only happened since i updated to the latest version of FMRTE and deleted all the previous versions i had on my pc, i installed the previous version to see if it was the most recent version which had the problem, but now its happening with the old version as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. jack_hayward

    Blackpool HELP!!!!

    i am a blackpool season ticket holder and have played a season with blackpool and finished 15th i play 4-5-1, keeper and back 4, DM, MC, MC, AML, AMR, S have the wingers as inside forwards, that might help
  8. Hi, I have searched as much as i can, but cant find out if this is possible, cant see an option in the editor and not too sure with the advanced stuff. So was just wondering how to make it so that the english clubs / leagues, can only sign english players? Spanish teams only sign spanish players and so on. Thanks in advance
  9. jack_hayward

    Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Stephen McPhee at Blackpool has retired through injury and is now a coach at Blackpool.
  10. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    solved, im a numpty
  11. jack_hayward

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    I keep getting this error all the time for some reason, i haven't changed anything. I tried to uninstall to start again but i even get this coming up when i try to uninstall. I use xp 64bit which always seems to cause trouble if that has anything to do with it. I can open up older versions so its not to do with the framework thing i wouldn't have thought. Does anyone else get this / have a way to solve it? Cheers
  12. jack_hayward

    cant save/ load my database

    Same here I'v used the unofficial guide, the official guide and asked in the fml chat rooms and i still cant see where i am going wrong. I open the editor, 'load databse', then edit, then 'save editor data as', save it as jack1. When i open FM10 and click start new game it doesnt bring it up to select. Iv got it patched, iv restarted it, iv checked preferences and i have the 'user data folder' correct. Really cant see what i am doing wrong, i did it right yesterday but cant seem to get it right now. Something simple i bet! Any help would be appreciated.
  13. come on people sign up for a trial, its well worth giving it a go, its already a great game, lots of new stuff planned for the future as well which is all included in your subscription price if you do decide to sign up, join gameworld Fowler!
  14. jack_hayward

    Ingame FMScout09 Official Thread

    immuner, kaseys error isn't specific to a single saved game, it happens with every game, its the same for me, when you try to save any edits you make it brings up the continue / ignore / quit box.