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  1. I currently have a really young squad and am looking to bring some influential mentors to help develop them. I was wondering if there's a way to tell how effective a player will be as a mentor? In previous seasons and saves I have loaned/free transferred in a variety of experienced, iconic players with great determination and mental stats (Dani Alves, De Rossi, Vidal, Godin etc.) and I can't figure out a rhyme or reason as to why some have a significant/average/light impact as mentors?
  2. I fancy starting a save with an upper midtable / European chasing side that has a reasonable but not vast budget to work with and some promising youngsters. Narrowed it down to: Lyon Lille AZ Any recommendations which one to go for?
  3. Can anyone post a screenshot of a developed Lee Kang-in? (fm20)
  4. Has anyone managed him or have a screenshot of his development? His versatility looks appealing and I have the option to sign him as part of a player exchange but already have a packed midfield.
  5. Also wondering this. I had a couple of young players on 14 for tackling and was really hoping they would progress to 15 but neither did. I put them in my defensive unit and ensured that a fair share of defensive sessions were in my schedule. Anything else I can do to help this?
  6. Ah I didn't realise you could leave it to the assistant but then still control roles and individual training. Do you still find your young players develop as well as you would expect them to with the assistant taking the lead?
  7. I am keen to take control of training myself as I feel this could help my young squad develop further than if my ass man does it (is there much difference?). There's so many preset schedules to choose from and potential options for each session that I'm a bit lost. Does anyone have a reccuring calendar or set of schedules they have found works really well?
  8. Considering buying this during Black Friday, has anyone used it for FM20 Touch? Does it run the good at a good pace with a reasonable amount of leagues/database?
  9. Thanks. If my influential players have low determination is it better to avoid mentoring completely for now?
  10. The senior/influential players in my squad generally have good mental stats, however, I noticed that a lot of them have low or average determination stats - will this massively impact their ability to mentor? I have set up a few mentoring groups and notices that a couple of my young players determination stats have dropped already.
  11. Is this a bug? I've had seven this season and only scored one (having already missed one in that match!)
  12. Is there much of a tangible difference between managing training schedules yourself and leaving it to your assistant? I've done the tutorial and have been using the pre-set schedules pretty much as they were (a tactical week once/twice a month in and amongst a random selection of defence, physical, tehcnical and attack weeks) but not sure if this is how to get the most out of my players - particularly in order to help my young squad develop.
  13. Will give that a go, thanks. What training schedules do you implement?
  14. Looks interesting, will give a go tonight. Any other adjustments you make for trickier games? Are all the attackers chipping in with goals?
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