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  1. It is not a huge issue, but it is very very annoying nonetheless: Turkish Super League team Fenerbahce has 6 foreign players in its team at the beginning of 2006-2007 season. Also, they have 1 foreign player out on loan until the end of the season. Since the limit is 6 foreign players in the Turkish League, foreign players contracts cannot be renewed throughout the 2006-2007 season. This becomes especially annoying since the best player of Fenerbahce, Alex de Souza, has less than one year left on his contract and of course gets snatched by another team if you do not renew the contract as soon as possible. So due to the bug of the game seeing the loaned player as a member of the team, you either have to release one of the foreigners at the beginning of the season (which also sucks because 4 out of 6 foreigners are new signings and they are all very promising) which cannot be the player out on loan who is a 19 year old worthless sod, or you have to bear with losing the star of your team. All the Fenerbahce fans out there would be very glad if this issue could be addressed in the patch also. Thanks
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