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  1. "The teams are warming up" crash

    I'll ignore this thread for now. If you don't hear from me assume things are going ok. If you need anymore information, quote me in here so I get a notification.
  2. "The teams are warming up" crash

    Again, just to update. Been playing fine using the space bar to continue after games.
  3. "The teams are warming up" crash

    I think I was about to load into a match, everything went white and when the monitors came back on I had the error message.
  4. "The teams are warming up" crash

    Another 9 games done with the space bar and no problems. I did get a staging error crash at some point but don't really care about those
  5. "The teams are warming up" crash

    Played about 13 matches successfully using the space bar to continue after games
  6. "The teams are warming up" crash

    I pretty much always click on the top right dressing room button which then turns in to the continue button iirc. Sometimes I use the space bar to continue with no issues (so far) I rarely use other screens when in the match, only 3d pitch and the tactics screen
  7. "The teams are warming up" crash

    It's tagged as need more info, but nothing has happened. I still can't play the game. Any ideas?
  8. "The teams are warming up" crash

    Wouldn't be able to honestly say yes or no. The very last one is the only one where I've not been massively pissed off so I posted what I remembered straight away
  9. "The teams are warming up" crash

    I went back to a very earlier save (about 2 seasons before). I got all the way through the start of the season and it's crashed at the 1st CL group game. I was away, I won, I had a player sent off. No one injured. Can't remember much more unfortunately
  10. "The teams are warming up" crash

    I don't have any custom graphics for FM18. I've had the crash about 3 or 4 times so far, i'd say I haven't played more than 4 matches without it happening again. Unfortunately I'd have no idea about any of the match/player specifics apart from the fact that I'm pretty sure they were all away games that I won them. DxDiag.txt
  11. "The teams are warming up" crash

    FWIW, was before before the last update for me. Other people had it before obviously
  12. This is still happening. I just cannot carry on with this game any more as it could happen at the end of any match. Bug has been known since November
  13. End of match crash

    Same issue, no custom graphics
  14. Keeps happening to me as well, really starting to **** me off now. Come on SI, this bug has been around a long time now
  15. Weird injury interaction

    Brighton v Man Utd.pkm