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    X-Box 360 Gamertag = DamonTheWatts. Sir Alex - "Football, bloody hell!"


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  1. DamonWattsok

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Picked up Dragon Age Origins - Ultimate Edition on GOG sale. Worth a blast for £3.50
  2. DamonWattsok

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Couple of us have been trying to get back into it lately Me and Ice have also just got back from ESL Birmingham
  3. DamonWattsok

    R Kelly, Spotify and separating the art from the artist

    I think the real question is are Billericay Town going to continue singing The Worlds Greatest?
  4. DamonWattsok

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    I'm still enjoying this but i'm at a point now where it doesn't have a protagonist for me anymore. I'm basically just left rooting for The Man in Black as he's the only thing that isn't killing humans.
  5. DamonWattsok

    Small talk

    What was Wenger thinking, sending Walcott on that early?
  6. DamonWattsok

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    I wouldn't be worried about that
  7. DamonWattsok

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    On a date once and there was a longish pause so I just said something like "I was dreading getting an awkward pause like this....probably a bit more awkward now I've mentioned it". We both had a bit of a laugh about it and then carried on chatting as normal. I'm not the smoothest or most confident person but it seemed to work. Everyone knows about awkward pauses, you have have to get talking again to stop it (obviously)
  8. DamonWattsok

    So im facing a disciplinary

    Bit late to the party and I know that in this case it was probably nothing, but in general, for stuff like this it's probably best to get something checked before signing it. There's literally no upside to you signing your name to something like this before a disciplinary but there's a massive downside to you signing something that could be used against you.
  9. DamonWattsok

    The Streamer and Streaming Thread

    Just catching up with the thread but the best advice i've seen from top streamers when asked is you need to keep a regular stream schedule so people who like what they see know when you are going to be online next. Obviously you can do random streams but if someone knows you'll be online from 7pm-9pm it's easier to follow somebody.
  10. DamonWattsok

    The PC Gaming Thread

    If anyone wants to play, hit me up on steam. damonwatts
  11. DamonWattsok

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Started playing Vermintide 2. Left for dead style game with unlockable skills/classes and loot system. Only played about 4 matches so far but looks to have good potential
  12. DamonWattsok

    The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*

    Doctor was also mentioning how he wanted to see to them so they didn't get infected
  13. DamonWattsok

    The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*

    They mentioned Rick's wounds far too much to be coincidental and was waiting for something to happen with it. Maybe just a red herring?
  14. DamonWattsok

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

  15. DamonWattsok

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    What about people who don't like pizza at all?