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  1. Hi, I play one on one with my byddy over Hamachi. Everything works fine, except many matchdays matches is played at different times. Example: 15.00 and 20.45, so we have to wait for each other to play the first game. I have "matchdays wednesdays and saturdays" checked in my server settings, and we both have unticked "move matches for TV". Any help?
  2. All ages, 17-29 maybe. Now, after the season I can offer 5 year deals again ..
  3. Hi, im Preston North End now in my fourth season. The three first seasons I could only offer three year deals to my players/staff. I just though it was because of the financial problems, or some restrictions from the board. Then before my fourth season, the club was sold, no debt was cleared, but now I could offer 5 year deals. Then, a couple of days in in January(1st of January i offered players 4-5 years deals), I could only offer three year again. I guess there is a reason, why is this happening?
  4. Technical - Del Piero Mental - Lampard Physical - Adebayor
  5. I asked the board at the end of last season to expand the stadium, something they accepted, but obviously we never got past "planning". I am now half-way through the next season and its still on "planning". I just updated to the 11.2 patch and clicked forward a couple of weeks. Will there be actions after the season instead?