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  1. Hey. I'm a fellow tactician and while I haven't been using your tactic, I would like to agree on the fact that away games difficulty have been 'overrated' by SI this year. After an extensive test my testers and I done on my thread on FM-Base (it's okay to mention other forum's name here right?), we found that, at least on my tactic, playing 'standard' instead of 'attacking' (my default mentality) seems to be working well. I know it's a bit obvious - the whole play-more-defensively-on-away-games fact but you don't know how big the impact is unless you try it, especially this year. and as for defending corners. I got no comment on that. Reckons that it's a bug as well. I've tweaked quite heavily but still conceding averaging almost 1 goal per game from corners. That is all. Cheers.
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