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  1. Hey All, Could you please let me know which ones of the below changes are appliacable for the current saves? - Number of Stability and Crash fixes- Improvements to game optimisation and increased performance both inside and outside of matches- Improvements to newgen generation with more realistic number of Inside Forwards and Ball-Winning Midfielders- Newgens more tailored for specific positions with better logic for player development- Fix for Must Respond inbox item appearing incorrectly when staff member responsible for transfer- Fixes regarding loan functionality including responsibilities and loans being blocked incorrectly- Improvements to Club Vision and Expectation logic- Balancing changes to Board and Fan Confidence- Number of UI improvements- Various media, press conference and news fixes- Improvements to player behaviour and instructions when defending set-pieces- Various other improvements across the game
  2. Hey mdoe, have you managed to get positive result with your recent setup?
  3. @Experienced Defender will hate this because you used fba and meza on the same flank. I suggest you to change fba to IWBd before he comes for you
  4. My eyes are bleeding. How could you tolerate such a skin?
  5. Injury Pronnes as an attribute value is hidden, but as scout comment it is not.
  6. I noticed that whenever you use mezzela on a side, you also use your fullback on same side as "IWB". I'm sure it will make a good sense defensively but how about the attack? How will he contribute for attacking phases?
  7. It will depend on player's hidden attributes, "Injury Pronness". You know it can be between 1-20.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments & suggestions. A special thanks for @Experienced Defender, your contribution for this forum is amazing. Miles should also be thankful for you, because you're one of the nicest persons in this forum who keeps us up to play the game with passion. I appreciate you
  9. Hey Everyone, I need your comments & suggestions, how to get best our of Pepe & Auba in my Arsenal save. Actually it's my second save with Arsenal. I stopped continueing first one at the start of first season(finished 4th in EPL, won FA, Carabao and UEL, Super Cup and lost Community shield,) and decided to start new, fresh save. The game date is early DEC in first season right now and i started the save with no first window transfers. My first aim is to sticking with this tactical shape and choose the best roles those positions. I found that using F9 is giving me lots of space for the final third movements but i'm not sure i'm getting enough scoring contribution from the wingers and central midfielders. Please share your comments, how can i get best out of that front three? How can i improve my scoring?
  10. Hey All, Isn't that possible to change player potential ability via in game editor? The only box available for editing is CA.
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