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  1. thx for your job bro what if i enabled all your 32 tournaments?
  2. 作为拜仁主帅(并且用核武把球队声望调到10000),找到的高pa小将都显示没有转会兴趣 @Jimmy Wong
  3. 还有另一个想法,内置修改器允许玩家无视注册球员时的种种限制(非欧,青训,最大注册人数,等等) @Jimmy Wong
  4. SI could consider this idea:IGE could allow managers register players even if the list does not match the requirement,e.g. the requirement of UCL is 25 players max, if managers enabled this function , he can register 26,27 or 99 players, ignoring the × showed in the requirement @Jimmy Wong
  5. 也许你们可以考虑再添加一个修改转会窗的规则,这样也更对得起比以往每一代都更贵的内置修改器价格
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