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  1. Remove the rules and sim for 10 seasons and see if the winners line up with coefficients and who makes ACL every year.
  2. Champions League spots in Japan dont go by last season's results, they take a screenshot of the current table when the cup creation date is so in my save last season frontale, yokohama, and sanfrecce finished 1-3 yet niigata, kashima, and kyoto are in the ACL because they are the current top 3 however winning the cup does indeed qualify you since the ACL creation date in the database is in July, it takes the current table as of July and gives them spots. For the other nations in Asia, everything works correctly so I think it is something with the Japan db this happened on my 22 save as well but it wasnt noticable because the end of season table was always before the ACL was created. Now in 23 it's a summer to spring schedule for ACL so the bug is noticeable. -This is a problem in Robbles db and may be hardcoded. Is there any way around it that you found?
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