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  1. Dead Line Day

    Don't really see any desperation buys. I usually do some sort of deadline day business, as it's when I remember to ship out the young un's on loan!
  2. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    A very deserving award for both, congratulations.
  3. Lol, to be fair to the lad he has more than earned his wages in the last few seasons. But the 25% is not a mistake I'll be making again
  4. Yeah, I usually aim to take off the 25% after a year (offer a new contract), but seemed to have forgotten to in Francky boys case... whoops . He's just announced he'll leave on a Bosman, but he has more reds than a colour chart so I'm not too fussed. £1+million a month. Madness!
  5. FM 2007 - I had a regen Israeli striker called Sagi Sachar. He was relatively unstoppable. Even took Israel to the World Cup semi-finals.
  6. £16.5 million for a well-progressed Nicolas Otamendi. He averages 4.5 in big games, but he's still relatively young (24).
  7. I didn't. His original contract was roughly 160k, but 3 seasons of 25% increase have pumped him right up. Nor was I complaining, merely showing what I considered to be a high wage
  8. He's not getting it. I offered him around, not even a squeak of interest. I'm happy to let his contract run down and see if I can get him at a much lower wage at the end of his contract.
  9. A wee English club called Manchester United. Admittedly he's already on £325,000 (I must have had his annual wage rise at 25%), but he keeps rejecting an extension as I can only offer £225,000.
  10. I have a 31 year old Franck Ribery demanding £325,000 a week...
  11. Scottish Cups

    Both recognised comps, but neither as prestigious as the Scottish Cup. The Scottish League Cup is the equivalent of the Carling Cup in England, the second cup competition. The Challenge Cup is for all the teams in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd division - a bit like the JPT.
  12. Your worst managerial error of all time.

    2-0 up against Arsenal in FA Cup semi-final. I take off my two strikers and best MC with 15 minutes left, just for the sake of fitness. Then my keeper gets injured. They scored 4 and I go home crying.
  13. Man City

    Just won the Premiership in the first season in my save. Tevez has almost a goal a game, finished as top scorer with 32 goals in 35 games.
  14. Long shots / wondergoals

    Just been taken apart by.... Clarence Seedorf from distance. Mildly frustrating.