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  1. This is very welcome news indeed if it is true. Looking forward to playing the game once it's patched.
  2. Really nice post ... thanks for that. I use to be into buying my favorite players for high fees ... the past few years it's been about building my favorite players from scratch. Posts like this and those done by Cleon and Furious really inspire me (and many others I am sure)
  3. Well ... It's official ... I hate Chelsea. They beat us in the final of the League Cup and then again in the final of the FA Cup. We tied with them (1-1) at SJP and then beat the snot out of them (4-2) at Stamford Bridge. Just seems we have a problem at Wembley. With that said, we made a hell of a final run, beating Man UTD 1-0 to get us within 1 of Arsenal and then beat them 3 days later 1-0 to take possession of 3rd and gain a ECC Spot! Not a bad run there. Fun season!
  4. Kadar ... I am serious. Someone else told me to use him as DL cover and to be honest, I was shocked at how well he did ... and at 2K a week, he's somewhat payroll friendly. Sounds like you have a good save going!
  5. After a shaky run where a draw seemed like a victory, we had to take on Arsenal for the 2nd leg of the quarter finals of the League Cup. We had drawn 2-2 with them at SJP and didn't have the best feeling going into this game, Colo was out with injury and Sow had 2 ineffective games ... Chelsea in the Final
  6. Leagues to start with VIEW South Africa (View) South Africa (View) South Korea K League (View) USA (View) Denmark (View) Norway (View) Poland (View) PLAYABLE Mexico (Promotion and League aboce) Belgium (Pro League Only) England (All) France (CFA above) Germany (2nd above) Italy (Series B above) Holand (Jupiter above) Portugal(2nd and above) Russia (1st and above) Scotland (third above) Spain (Liga adelante above) Sweeden (1st Above) Argentina (2nd above) Brazil (2nd above) Load all players of these nationalities: English Irish Scotish French
  7. 7 min into his first game Sow smokes his defenders and bangs one in ... dude's been in town for less than 24 hours ... in town, hell, in country! lol 21 min ... another one ... 2 goals, no issues, Man of the Match, 9.0 rating ... where do I sign?
  8. @dandydon (and anyone else that has signed Sow) How much did he cost you? I got him for £12.5 (£8 up front and £4.5 over 24 months) He was getting £25k per week so I offered £35 and he came back with £50. I caved in after the 4th round of talks ... he's expensive but I am hoping he will be worth it ... my front four now Sow/Ba Wilfried/Ameobi (I thought I was going to sell him in January but he's had 4 games where he has scored 2 goals coming off the bench ... Best offer me little so I sold him for £2.1)
  9. Yeah ... Chelsea was a win until Anelka tripped over Taylor's sliding clearance and tipped the ball into the net in the 92nd minute ... sigh. Both Cabaye and Wilfried have been sidelined with injuries and have really had little input thus far. Wilfried is back in a week or so, but I just got informed that Cabaye was injured on International duty ... for a month. Can't seem to catch a break with him.
  10. Here's an update on my 1st season so far ... And the side after the closing of the Summer window ... Using this tactic ...
  11. All good advice here ... one thing I would add is don't look at Obertan's stats in the game, just play him from time to time. He's much better than he looks. Think a lot of it has to do with his pace. Just give him a run out before you process his paper work. Like many here I went the Wilfried route for a striker and all I can say is I would do it again in a heart beat. 2.5m transfer with a 10-12k salary and goals won't be an issue for you. Plays well at the top of the 4231 and can manage both sides of the 442 attack. Speaking of Ba, had a lot of success using him as a left wing in combo with Jonas when I had Wilfried/Sturridge up top. Enjoy the save! BTW, what's the real word on Adam Campbell? In my save he looks like he could be a real star of the future for the toon. People think that he's got a bright future irl?
  12. That's great! The brilliance of managing this side is that you have a lot of core pieces in place and you can tweak it well within the first six weeks to get pretty close to your future vision. Happy for you ... nice to see that its been a rewarding sesaon! I noticed you kept Best around ... how's he been for you? He had a hat trick in once match for me and put 2 in when they were needed most. Thinking about slowing down the paper work on his transfer for a bit.
  13. Going to see how Kadar does for a spell. We'll see what the budgets look like with moving R. Taylor, Smith, etc. What I will be looking for is a UK boy to back up Santon. In this save I want one UK player in each position. Doesn't matter if they are the starter or the back up. It's just the new law for this save. Yeah, Cabaye bidding a sweet adieu was enough to make me start again. For me, and I suspect many others, he's the heart and soul of the toon atm. Looking to add physios as soon as possible. One thing I have noticed by rerolling. There seems to be a pretty wide variance in how they set up the numbers for staff. This time a lot of coaches that were great are now how hum. Makes replays nice.
  14. Nice season ... ECC is always good. 30 goals and 9 assists ... didn't take Sow long to gel ... nice. Love reading your follow ups. I am starting the first season, and the preseason is almost complete. We have managed to get 2 tactics down pretty well and the tweaking that was offered here in this thread really seems to work. I dropped Tioute's att men a tad and really tweaked the passing of the back row and the creative/att mentalities of the cb's ... looking good, Cabaye is getting a lot of touches now (I set him to Playmaker and targetman for a few matches and liked how that worked) Jonas seemed to respond well to the def wing role and was well north of 7.50 in his ratings. We face Chelsea in 10 days ... sharpen the knives boys ...
  15. Yeah, had him retire on me hence my starting again ... Wow 2.1m for the tempermental unibrow goalscoring machine ... what did he as for in wages? Nice pick up.
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