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  1. Hi folks, ive downloaded V.4 but when I come to import it I get a message saying " unable to import tatic ". Any ideas ?
  2. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Cheers Lambs I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Lambs, Sorry for the delay ive been a bit busy at work. I tried out your tatic adjustments and guess what. I won my next 5 games and kept 4 clean sheets !! excellent work matey cheers for the tips.
  3. Hi Folks, Im struggling again. Got relegated from thh Prem with Ipswich and I expected to bounce straight back up as Ive got a very good side. However... Im now bottom of the championship after 16 games and only won 2 Games. Fixtures as follows:- (a) Crewe 2-2 (h) Huddersfieled 1-1 (a) Preston 2-1 (L) (h) Leicester 2-1 (L) (a) Bournemouth 4-1 (w) (league Cup) (a) Bristol Rovers 1-1 (h) Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 (W) (a) Luton 2-1 (L) (h) Burnley 0-0 (h) Millwall 0-0 (h) Fulham 2-1 (L) FA Cup (a) Southampton 0-0 (h) QPR 1-0 (L) (a) Cardiff 6-1 !!! (L) (h) Reading 2-1 (L) (a) Derb
  4. Just thought id offer this tip that ive found useful. If it looks as if the AI has got your target man marked out the game try switching your target man to a small quick pacey striker and set target man supply to run onto ball, tell your goal keeper to aim for your more attacking central midfielder. Ive found that your midfielder will try and get the ball over the top and put in the path of your quick striker. Works well with Danny Hanyes and Owen Garvan of Ipswich.
  5. Cheers Lambs I'll take your advice and give it a go at getting my lot back in the Prem at the first time of asking, fingers crossed. Danny Haynes still netted 30 goals !!! despite getting relegated
  6. Its all over despite a last minute fight back, relegation finally cuaght up, went to the last game of the season tho,let the rebuild begin...relegated and they've given me £9mil to spend !!! strole on !!
  7. No..wait a sec...wait a sec Nope its all gone to pot again.Getting hammered by Mn U 3-0 down after 25 mins despite drawing 3-3 and outplaying them 4 games ago. I just dont get it, why is my team so in consistant ?
  8. Hang on Hang on...whats going on here ?!?!? Ive just drew 3-3 with manu U, beat everton 1-0 and Hammered West Brom 5-1 P.s Anyone looking for someone who can score from freekicks then get Chris Brunt from Sheff Wednesday ( about £600k ) scores one in every two freekicks !!!
  9. Oh God, it just got worse. 27 mins gone...5-0 down agasint Arsenal !!! Arrrgghhh....40 mins gone ... 7-0 down !! Full time. Arsenal 9 - 0 Ipswich..errr...at least i only conceaded 2 goals in the second half Fuss- I need your god given talents to fix this. Im using version 3.
  10. Nah, I was worng... Its all gone pear shaped... ive just conceaded 6 in the first 38 minutes against Man City..dont know what has happened but im getting battered every time now. Getting close to throwing my tea cup at my Pc now !!. Not sure what im doing wrong, im using V3 with the tweaks that have been suggested. Fast running out of ideas..and Games before I get sacked !. Any ideas folks ? I would show you a screen shot of my team but dont know how to.
  11. Ah ha, I seem to have turned the corner using some little tweaks ( cheers Grafton83 ). I note that a few people are having a problem with red cards.. Snap... I have a look back through the thread but cant see any advice on it, if its there what page is it on and if its not... anyone got any ideas. Cheers folks.
  12. Its all gone horribly Wrong !!! I started using V.3 in my third season with Ipswich. I managed to get them in the prem at the first time of asking but struggled the following season just about escaping relegation, used V.3 the following season and finished 9th ( very pleased ), however...just started season 4 with V.3 and at the moment ive plaued 13 and one 1 !!!!! im bottom of the Prem and 5 points adrift, doesnt seem to matter what I do to the tatic I just cant win...Any ideas people ??? other than jump ship
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