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  1. Can someone upload the edited .xml file that works with the latest update as i cant get the game to run
  2. thanks andy.. turned out the host was cheating. he took control of my team to upset the morale. and then he took control of other teams to sell his players. one of the other online players copped it all cos i could not get back in. lesson learned for me though, ill use password in future!
  3. Help. We are currently playin an online game and the host took control of my team when i was not there and now he cant uncontrol them to let me back in. how do you get around this?
  4. ive checked this thread numerous times everyday for the last 5 days!! when you planning on releasing it mr hough?
  5. how do i change kick off times so that we are playing at the same time. im playing in italy and my friend is in england. im kicking off at 8 and hes kicking off at 3. I have move matches for tv unticked and play saturday and wednesday matches.
  6. thanks andy but how are we losing connection to the game if we are both still connected to msn and the internet.. i have 20meg broadband and we live about 5 min away from one another.
  7. Myself and a friend have an online game ongoing at present. I am hosting and we have no problem connecting etc,. The one issue that is very annoying is that during the odd match my friend would lose connection to me and i would have to manually "kick" him from the game and let him reconnect which results in him watching his assistant manager control the rest of the match. its costing him points in the league and he's starting to think its a conspiracy!! We would still be able to chat over msn when this happens so both our connections to the internet are still ok. any help with this or advice would be much appreciated
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