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  1. Yeah i got coach rating, team report etc. All mixed up this morning, i havent played for over a year and i went and refreshed my memory this afternoon. So please ignore what i was saying, lack of sleep and posting without thinking is not a good combio. I apologize.
  2. Then why does it say current ability (division) and operating on a leading PREMIER DIVISION level???
  3. Stars are for how good the player is for the league youre playing in, well atleast that was the case for all games before this one. I dont know if they changed with this one because i didnt buy it.
  4. This is something i found out in the editor. when creating a player there is current ability - dependant attributes and i tells you what the game recommends the players Current abilities should be given his stats and the player i created had right foot at 8 and left at 20, when i put right foot to 1 the recommended CA whent from 137 to 124, if i increase it to 10 it goes up to 141 and at 20 it goes to 158, so its a diffrence of about 24 CA points from being one footed to being able to use both. i hope this is understandable english is not my first language.
  5. It eats quite a bit from CA to train weaker foot and ppms dont cost CA only Mental, physical and technical abilities cost CA and postions also cost a little CA.
  6. I dont know if this is a bug or not, but this happened to me also and the players returned from holiday before the training camp
  7. I have the same issue, but i don´t have any anti virus installed on my computer.
  8. Now currently i am on the way to start season 3 I decided to strengthen my full back postions before the season wasn´t happy with them in big matches in Champions League they were getting skinned to often by oppostion this is the tactic i have been using for season 2 and season 3 i want to try and win the league and champions league this season
  9. I have been playing with Juventus since i bought the game. Got taken over by some Italian buissness man in first season, who wanted to fire me and hire Carlo Ancelotti but i was leading the league by that time and i survived and got to keep my job becouse of that i pumped 58m pounds in to the finances and gave me a budget of 34 milljons. I started with 4-1-2-2-1 in the first season but had troubles getting the team to score with that tactic wich eventully cost my the title becouse of to much draws here is first season leauge table and transfers was happy to get to the champions league but was so close to the title! Lost in italian cup in first game versus Chievo with 0-1 didn´t care about it too much My best players for the season was Milos Krasic with 12 goals in 35 games he was my top scorer too with avr 7.24 Rossi scored 6 goals in 21 games with Avr 6.95 Salvatore Bocchetti was solid in the back four with 5 goals in 37 games with avr. 7.3 so i got good money to spend on transfers before season 2 about 45m Buffon got injured for 2 month on agust 29 so i rushed and bought Ter Stegen becouse i Didn´t trust Branescu to do the job for me. The strikers i had for first season didn´t do anything for me so i decided to get Paloschi on free to cover Rossi and got rid of the other striker. Di Maria was transfer listed by Madrid so i rushed and bought him for Left Wing Wanted to strenghten the left back postion i wanted Criscito but Zenith wanted 34m for him so i signed Jose Angel instead and Lucas Digne for the future then i decided to bid 7M for Teves but mancini wanted 7m plus Lucas Andersen then i offered 10.25m what he was valued at and he accepted that. I got him on a 195m per week i had enough wage to play with so i signed him and changed my tactics to 4-2-3-1 with 2 defensive midfielders to fit Rossi and Tevez in my starting eleven so i got of to Season 2 hopeful of getting the title and go far in champions league don´t care about the cup so i use u20 players in that to get them some experience started the season with 5 straight victories and was on top after that until i lost 0-1 to Udinese then i won the next 11 matches in the league so i was leading the league at chistmas time with 15 points then i meet AC Milan in janury and lost 0-2 and went on a 6 stright games won until i meet Udinese and drawed against them 1-1 then for the remaining 13 games in the league i won 10 and drawed 3 and ended up winning the league with 7 games to spare wich i used to give my top young prospects a run in the league this is the final standing in the league got Benfica, Maccabi tel Aviv and Real Madrid in my group in champions League Juventus - Benfica 2-1 Real Madrid - Juventus 4-0 Juventus - Maccabi 5-0 Maccabi - Juventus 0-4 Madrid Lost to Benfica i one of there games so i had 9 points and Benfica 6 points and next game was against Benfica at Estadio Lux and i didn´t have much confidence against Madrid in the last game so i this was a game we had to win to qualify to first Knockout stage The game started with them scoring after 13 minutes and they were domintaing the game so in half time i gave them the hairdryers treatment and started to get into the game after that but it was even and Rossi eqalised on 69 minute but that would not get me through then to my endless joy Ezequiel Garay Scored an own goal on 91st minute and Tevez finished the game on 93! I lost to Madrid in the last game 0-1 i a game i was the better team and deserved a least 1 point from the game Got Barcelona in first knockout to my pleasure Lost the First Game 2-3 at juventus stadium i was leading 2-1 at half time but then after halftime Messi scored 2 goals and one of them got me really mad Krasic was with the ball on right wing in the middle of barce half then decided to pass the ball back to the defence but sent the ball in between Chiellini and Bocchetti right to Messi who ofcourse used his speed and go one on one against Buffon and Scored. So i had little hope for the second game away at nou camp It started with Dani Alves scoring on 10th minute to give them 4-2 lead but then we got into the game, Angel Di Maria eqalised on 36 then Chiellini scored on 49 and Krasic scored on 69 to make it 5-4 for me but messi scored on 77 minute to make it 5-5 and a tie so Extra Time was needed and on 121 minute Di Maria got past Alves on crossed the ball Carlos Tevez poched the ball into the goal and won it for us and i was screaming with joy at that time i was so happy Got Marseille in next round where i got the lead in game 1 at 13th min with a goal from Rossi and lead at half time then came the first 10 minutes after break where my team like against Barca at home was a slepp and Loic remy equalised and Alou Diarra scored on 74th but Tevez equalised on 77th from a penalty and 2-2 was it after game one then in game to i got the lead with a goal from Krasic on 3rd but Loic Remy tied the game on 23rd and i an even game we tied 1-1 wich sent us packing from the competion I was very happy with the team after the season. Top Players were: Carlos Tevez scored 23 in 34 games in the league with 7,39 avr, 5 goals in 10 in champions league with 7,40 avr Milos Krasic scored 9 goals with 11 assists in 34 league games 7,27 avr and was voted Foreign player of the year and player of the year Giuseppe Rossi scored 10 in 24 games with 10 assists 7,1 avr and was voted italian player of the year Angel Di Maria scored 8 goals in 28 games with 11 assists 7,42 avr
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