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  1. 1. Ok it wasent that way when i played it last time. 2. Ok my point still stands 3. Ohh i would like it to simulate real life but that is not happening. Kinda pointless to have real life stats if the game is predictable. Fm 17 i cant predict whats gonna happen when i see the highlight but i can in 18&19. 4. I find it odd that every shot, on target, off target, woodwork and blocked have the same % over a whole season In 38 games i took 1144 shots ai took 138. 44% of my and 47% ai was on target 34% of my and 30% ai were off target 21% were blocked 4%
  2. No you dont hit every shot in 2k if you green light it no way. And in fifa not every pass works its assisted but passes miss. Also i dont think people expect the game to be like real life, but if you can predict in 90% of highlights what will happen. I just takes the fun out of the game. I also think that the game should not try and have similar stats like in real life for conversion of penalties or how many goals are scored etc. I got curious and went back and took all shots, on target, woodwork, off target, how many shots both for my team and the teams i played and it was the
  3. I did not buy 20. I was so dissapointed with fm18 then 19 was ok but it was to easy. I won every title teams just would sit back and not attack didnt matter if you where playing cl finals. Plus it was very predictable what was going to happen. I gave up when barcelona lined up like this in the second half at nou camp when i was real madrid and i was winning 2-0. So i wont buy fm again until i see improvements. I cant justify it to myself to sink 3000+ hours into a game (i usually dont turn off my cpu so i let the game idle) i would love to but if im not enjoying it then i dont see th
  4. Yeah i got coach rating, team report etc. All mixed up this morning, i havent played for over a year and i went and refreshed my memory this afternoon. So please ignore what i was saying, lack of sleep and posting without thinking is not a good combio. I apologize.
  5. Then why does it say current ability (division) and operating on a leading PREMIER DIVISION level???
  6. Stars are for how good the player is for the league youre playing in, well atleast that was the case for all games before this one. I dont know if they changed with this one because i didnt buy it.
  7. This is something i found out in the editor. when creating a player there is current ability - dependant attributes and i tells you what the game recommends the players Current abilities should be given his stats and the player i created had right foot at 8 and left at 20, when i put right foot to 1 the recommended CA whent from 137 to 124, if i increase it to 10 it goes up to 141 and at 20 it goes to 158, so its a diffrence of about 24 CA points from being one footed to being able to use both. i hope this is understandable english is not my first language.
  8. It eats quite a bit from CA to train weaker foot and ppms dont cost CA only Mental, physical and technical abilities cost CA and postions also cost a little CA.
  9. I dont know if this is a bug or not, but this happened to me also and the players returned from holiday before the training camp
  10. I have the same issue, but i don´t have any anti virus installed on my computer.
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