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  1. Perhaps more interaction with the Board. Like telling them that signing a mediocre 29 year old midfielder for £18M is not the best piece of business ever. Particularly when I already have at least six players at the club younger and better in his position. I quite fancied lambasting the chairman in the papers but had to make do with transfer listing the player and dumping him in the reserves.
  2. Sorry, I haven't the time to read 19 pages but, forgive me if this has been suggested already, more feedback on games would be useful, both during and after. During the game it would be helpful if you could find out not only what formation the opposition is playing but also the style of play. This need not always be accurate, mistakes could be factored in depending on the stats of the assistant manager. Information along the lines of: The opposition are closing down very vigourously today, or The opposition are playing a high defensive line, or The opposition are playing a very direct style. I don't think the 2D graphics really convey this information sufficiently, although it is something that a manager would be able to tell watching a game.This way you would be able to counter the opposition's tactics more rationally. You would also be able to pick up tips from successful computer opponents by analysing more closely how they play. Surely this is something which real managers do.
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