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  1. Goonergez, I like your detailed roundups. One of these seasons it will just click and you will stroll to the title. I'm going through pre-season with Banbury, I hope to participate but I need to play quicker.
  2. Been trying to get Banbury for hours but no luck yet. I'll keep going for a while as I used to watch them, which always helps. I've reached the point where I'm saving any new club that pops up, so I have saves for Matlock, Mickleover and Coalville if anybody wants them.
  3. How do I sign young players (under-18s) to my squad. Im playing with Barcelona and Im keen to sign young talent from across the world (lets just say, since i love the underdog, I wanna sign a Djibouti player, a Brazilian player and a Slovenian player, which are all 16 years old). In actual fact, i found a player in Argentina that was highly recommended. I payed 4.3M for him, but since he is 16, i get him in 2 years. Now, Im assuming that his Argentine team does not have the same traning facilities as does my Barcelona, so WHY do i have to wait for those two years. FIFA rules. My understanding is that players under 18 are not allowed to move countries, except within the EU (so I'd assume your Slovenian should be OK). Someone else correct me if I've got that wrong.
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