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  1. Polar Bear

    Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Back after missing a few versions and I'm looking to attempt this challenge in France, a country I've never been to in any FM, at least if my laptop can take it. Holidaying now, and just realised something. I was supposed to tick the CFA as playable divisions, wasn't I? That being the case, there's not really any point in holidaying til June 19, as the 2016-17 season will be simmed, so it will always be the same teams going up into National, right? Or have I messed it up?
  2. Pre-1960s it was a lot easier for non-big city clubs to compete at the top level due to the maximum wage and 'retain and transfer' system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retain_and_transfer_system), which basically treated players as serfs. Even when these were abolished the playing field was still reasonably level - Derby and Forest won the league, Ipswich and QPR came very close - until the early 1980s, when clubs stopped sharing gate receipts with the away team. This was a huge blow to those clubs who didn't have big, full stadiums and inequality has worsened with the advent of the Premier League, Champions League and massive TV and sponsorship payments mostly going to the giants. This is why Leicester winning the Premier League was such an extraordinary achievement. If they'd done it in the 1920s (when they finished 3rd and 2nd in successive seasons, missing out on the title by a point to Sheffield Wednesday in 1928-29) or even the 1960s (4th and FA Cup runners-up in 1962-63) it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Two historic giants of the English game that haven't been mentioned - Sheffield United and Wolves. But I think you should do Preston, the original Invincibles. I'd love to see them and Huddersfield in the Prem.
  3. Thanks for replying. The demos for both versions are massive and I have very slow download speed, hence my asking here.
  4. Is there a simple list of the differences between the two games? The Steam page for FM Touch 17 and the page at www.footballmanager.com are both vague, and the FAQ on this site are all to do with playing the game on mobile and cross-save compatibility, none of which are of interest to me. I'd just like to know what FM Touch leaves out of the full game.
  5. I'd like to see the scouting revamped. Currently scouts provide a full picture of a player's attributes from at the most two looks, and different scouts give pretty much identical feedback. My preference would be a system akin to the one in the Out Of The Park baseball management games, where the more you look at a player the more you learn about him, different scouts have different opinions and so on. In real life it's not uncommon for teams to keep tabs on players for over a year before deciding whether they want to put in a bid; in FM this would not give you any extra information. I'd also like to see more dynamic attributes, particularly for older players. Not to a ridiculous extent, but FM does not seem to produce many late bloomers - the likes of Ricky Lambert, Grant Holt and Matt Elliott (going back a bit, but a personal favourite!). As things stand, you know that if a player is older than early 20s and doesn't have the attributes, then he never will. Thirdly, there needs to be more transfer interest in players who perform well - not just ones from your team, but between AI teams as well. It's a bit frustrating to see a player score 70+ goals in three seasons for a mid-table BSS side and never see any BSP teams sniffing around them. Finally - please, please make the media interaction optional. It doesn't matter how much it gets tweaked, the basic format is a tediously repetitive mini-game that serves only to slow the season down. I know you can set your assman to handle it, but this easily leads to him saying something stupid that has a detrimental impact on your team. I understand why you want this feature in, but I can't see it ever working properly as things stand. I'm sure all these have previously been suggested on this thread, I'd just like to add my advocacy and reasons.
  6. Very enjoyable write-ups, noikeee. I particularly like your focus on players, a very effective way of making the little tinkers seem like actual human beings.
  7. Polar Bear

    [FM13] You Don't Win Anything With Kids...Honest!

    Nice thread. I like the way you leave your clubs in good shape even though you have seriously itchy feet By the way, if you ever do get a tycoon takeover in Germany it should probably be regarded as a bug and reported. No individual is allowed to own more than 49% of a club.
  8. Polar Bear

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Goodness me, it's still going! Still an excellent read too. KUTGW 10-3.
  9. Polar Bear

    too many bookings in this game?

    I would say this version of FM is the best in this respect. Previous versions were far too card-shy imo, but in FM12 I actually managed to pick up a fine for having six players booked in a game.
  10. Polar Bear

    Wallace v Roberts 2010

    One suggestion I'd have is that the thread title should make clear that it's a succession game. I think I was a board regular for two or three years before I thought to click on it. To my knowledge it's the only succession challenge there is - if this is explicit in the title it might draw more participants. I'm still enjoying FM2010 far too much to be concerned about getting the new one - poor SI, victims of their own success! - so I'm afraid I can't offer to run it either.
  11. Thought I'd join this as I have no intention of getting FM2011 for a while. I've recently started playing SB's database on FM2010 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Buckingham Town FC Update - Season 1 (2009/2010) - Starting Division: United Counties League Div. One (Level 10) The Robins are the team of my childhood, but they have sadly slipped from the halcyon days of the '80s, when they reached the First Round of the FA Cup (going down at home to Orient, whose bus nearly got stranded in the river), made the Southern League and generally punched above their weight for a number of seasons. My task is to take them to new glory. The early season was uneven, a mini-run to the 2nd Round of the FA Vase being offset by a run of six games without scoring in the league. Once we'd got that out of our system we went on an excellent unbeaten run to climb to the top of the table. However, a prolonged takeover saga meant that our team was steadily weakened as the best of my all-amateur squad were poached, while I could only scour the unattached lists for replacements. A draw in our final league game meant we finished 2nd on goal difference, and a 1-0 defeat in our playoff game left me crestfallen. Until I realised that we had another chance in the playoffs. This time we toughed it out on penalties, and we were promoted to the level 9 leagues.
  12. Polar Bear

    Wallace v Roberts 2010

    I enjoyed this despite the drop-off in interest, thanks everyone. As far as I'm concerned it remains one of the premier challenges on the board, but I do wonder if the increasing complexity and time taken to go through seasons could be a factor in the lower participation levels this year. I know I struggled to complete and document my season within two weeks, and I have plenty of free time.
  13. Polar Bear

    Wallace v Roberts 2010

    Fine recovery there you Monkeys. Still nothing from us? Does that make the season I did our last completed one?
  14. Polar Bear

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Ooh, a difficult second season would certainly spice things up (even more)! Fine work as ever, 10-3.
  15. Polar Bear

    Wallace v Roberts 2010

    A shame to see no Softie progress since I last checked. Hope it gets back on track soon.