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  1. Does anybody know how to add the European places colors in FM15? In FM15 only the League winner is highlighted.
  2. Here are the referees at the start of the game for Europa League in July 2014: And here are Europa League referees in November 2038. There are no regen referees replacing the retired ones, an there are only 2 left. Most of the matches are refereed by unknown referees. It only happens in Champions League and Europa League. The Champions League final in 2038 was refereed by an unknown referee I don't have this problem in National Leagues or in World Cup or European Championship, where there are new regen referees coming through and replacing the retired ones. I play with a large database, 30 leagues from 15 nations loaded and a player count of 155.000. I don't remember having this problem in old FMs, it kinda ruins the feeling of playing in European competitions with unknown referees in the future. So is this a bug, did anyobody had this problem when playing long term saves in FM15? Hope it's different in FM16.
  3. Is there a way to fix this missing match stats bars when the home team value is 0? Still playing FM15 and have the same problem, but noticed on some net screens that others don't have this problem
  4. Thanks for the help! It really looks so much better now
  5. Thanks, it worked! I deleted the match formations panel, but it wasn't in my skin panels folder, it was in the default panels folder from the default user data folder, that's why I didn't spoted it in the first place. Don't know how it got here, probably part of a grahic mod. Also, can you tell me how to make the shirts bigger and the names smaller on the formations mini panel from the match overview screen? And how can I use here on this panel the circled dots?
  6. Can someone tell me how can I remove the circle dots used in the Formations panel and replace them with shirts with player names and numbers just like in the deafult tactic screen? Which panel is responsable for this? Thanks.
  7. Also, Tunisia, Bulgaria or Paraguay winning the World Cup. And Thailand on the 3rd place in 2078.
  8. It can be pretty diverse and spectacular in the long run Full picture here: http://i.imgur.com/ZZclgP8.jpg
  9. Can I request 3 weird hairstyles for your next version? It will be fun to add these into the game. http://imgur.com/gYIoqM4 http://imgur.com/zbI2bDX http://imgur.com/UcKCikT
  10. - one of my youth intakes has an incredible mullet, I have to get a screenshot the next time I'm playing. The mullett strikes back again Take a look at this Chris Waddle wannabe I also like these haircuts:
  11. I always dream of finding 16 years old as good as this one. This is from FM10 though.
  12. I'm using this pack in FM 2010 and I can confirm that it works. Now I'm searching for weird hairstyles and when I find some funny ones I'll post the pics here. Also this works well together with the fmf extended hair pack.
  13. Kerlon was touted as the next Ronaldo in FM06 and had some insane attributes for a 17 years old back then. A true FM legend.
  14. He reminds me of Cristian Zapata who was a beast a few FMs ago. I wonder if they'll play together in defence at the World Cup next year.
  15. What happened to the size of the dots in the 2D classic mode after the latest patch? Is it normal to look like this? The dots are so small, I can't see the player numbers very well.
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