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  1. definitely agree, and thats without saliba who has been out on loan at wolves for the first season.
  2. i love Ajer, i signed him on fm20 and on this one, not sure if i should have as holding seems to be playing pretty well, so now have 3 class cbs
  3. Does anyone think that partey is actually any good in this? he has been my b2b player in this and doesnt seem to really do a brilliant job, last year i was using nididi as a bwm and willock as a b2b as that was an intense combination, actually am thinking about selling him as well as tierney, he is to injury prone for me, am using a 4-2-3-1 formation to
  4. i didnt either but i always knew my beta save was just going to be that, a beta save, did a season and half on mine so i know it a bit better now, just managed to ship ozil out for 7.5 mill and pay half his wages on the full game haha
  5. That first transfer window is vital for players and vital to sign all the staff u can before it all changes i find, spent about 30mins getting rid of staff who wasnt good enough to concentrate on signing staff that are and on 5 year deals, so can send them on courses if they dont have the appropriate qualifications to
  6. i will give you a few what i done papa to psg in exchange for kehrer and £3.5 mill david luiz left end of season, ozil on a free to lazio and i paid half of wages for rest of the season cedric to brighton 7.25 mustafi to wolves £10mill
  7. Definitely worth signing wilshere, wont cost you more than 30k a week and a great option to have in the team! i thought luiz was crap and was happy that his contract was up after a year of the game, in the first season i signed milik (seems everyone signs him here) Kehrer from psg, purely to get Papa off the books in an exchange and 2ill, Marcus edwards i signed in the jan window and what a revelation he has been in big games! pepe has suffered two major injuries in 2 seasons now, Haaland for his release clause and donnarumma on a free, gonna use leno to get more cash in the bank.
  8. i agree about the youth, literally all of them can go as far as im concerned, no major stats with any of them, plus with this brexit ruling to makes it harder to snap up younger foreign youth players to.i absolutely hate tierney in this game, injury prone left right and centre, im considering selling him just for that, player selling is so hard, laca is rated at 60mill, got offered 24, its a joke
  9. im trying to shift lacazette at the end of the season but no takers, just signed haaland and got dunnarumma on a free! i use partey as a b2b and willock strangely enough as a BWP defend, hes not amazing dont get me wrong, but he averages a 7.6 rating over the games, and hey if you want to see a proper pisstake result...this was last game of the season, us v liverpool, whoever wins wins the league and this was the end result..
  10. i play 4-2-3-1 and i play willock next to partey, best cm pairing tbh
  11. do what i did, offer him out on a free, a club probably will take him, lazio did in my game, and i had to pay half his wages for rest of the season, was worth it compared to paying the full whack
  12. we lost 3-1,i find him great as a backup and play non major games for me. he is a steal on a freebie and small contract
  13. selling players has been a nightmare in the first window, ozil i let go on a free transfer to lazio and pay half his wages for a year, better than a full wage i think cedric was sold for 7.25 to brighton mustafi to wolves for 10 papa was in a swap deal to psg and 2.5 for kehrer incomings was Milik for 8.25 almada for 7.5 kehrer for 2.5 and papa went crazy and got wilshere in on a 26k contract Nelson on loan to Soton Saliba on loan to Villa playing a 4-2-3-1 wide custom fluid counter attack, hardest part has been getting Auba to actually be effective on the wings, has anyone had much luck with him? 8 appearances and only 3 goals and 0 assists yet pepe is 5 goals in 9 appearances and 4 assists should also add, 8 games in, lost the first game against leicester, then won the next 7, this includes a 3-1 against man city and a hard fought 1-0 against man utd, chelsea are next -_-
  14. Can you still determine when you come back from pre season? As my players are coming back but we are in club world championship and they are not back for a week after so wondering if there was something I missed earlier on about setting a return date.
  15. as a rb/lb, he has been a great replacement for bellerin or tierney when they are injured or even on rotation
  16. For me saka over Nelson but ESR is the one that's going to suffer long term as I have James maddison lol
  17. Haven't sold a single one. No need to. Those players there can form part of your squad so easily. Maitland-niles and willock have just been picked for England squad. Saka starts loads, holding is 3rd choice cb for me, smith-rowe is bench. Only chambers is the kind of odd one but he plays a fair bit to. Willock and saka are the best by far and should be considered as starting players in your team.
  18. Yep it definitely is. Just with Tamworth I had no choice lol took over and had 14 players and playing a game on Saturday then a game midweek for the whole season is impossible to deal with so needed to try get more players in.
  19. He's gone out on loan in th 2nd season to sampdoria as a key player. Nketiah is just **** for me. But Newcastle took him on loan as a star player and paying all wages and extra so win win for me. Willock and saka as my best out the English bunch of kids by far!
  20. AHH totally opposite with nketiah, sent him on loan again for 2nd season as a star player for them. Couldn't get him to score for love nor money for me. Smith Rowe and saka are amazing, Nelson I have the same problem but he's on loan at sampdoria as a starter so hoping it will help him along, saliba is on loan at Norwich as a starter to. Willock is great as a b2b. Literally all his goals have come from outside the box. I have to rotate him and nididi as b2b
  21. I have him as AMC playmaker. Been great he played in so far. Leno is impeccable. Can't see myself selling him regardless of who is available. Still got Martinez as backup using him for all cup games and he's happy.
  22. I got Erickson for 17.5. In January as he was listed by spurs before his contract up. I bid they accepted and I offered him exactly what he wanted. Sold ozil in the summer and had Erickson as his replacement. But I got board to sign Madison in the first window and in this summer one I got them to sign uppermacano. For the person who sold saka for 3.5mill you are crazy. He is a great player who scores and assists loads of goals for me 🤷
  23. Could be February where you have league carabao cup and Fa cup all in a week. Got to admit that willock is definitely underrated for arsenal. He's a squad player for me but he scores a lot of goals from outside the box for me as a b2b midfielder. Think the hardest thing to do with arsenal is to figure out what to do with the young talent you have almost right away. Because by halfway through the first season you have 5 wonderkids if you include saliba to loan to.
  24. Interesting reading this. I am playing a save with arsenal at first, it is all about pre season, friendlies to get tactics working and players correct for positions. A 4-2-3-1 worked for me in the end with roles adjusted for what I wanted. Halfway through the season I was 6th, with wolves top! By the end I had sneaked 4th won fa cup and Europa League on pens. Second season of the game I added another manager of Tamworth in lower league with prediction to finish 24th. Set up a standard 4-4-2. Started well 6 games undefeated, but because I had so many people come in for trials as I literally had 14 players and that's it. It killed my team's familiarity and then went on 8 game winless run. Getting your squad and tactic sorted before the season kicks off is definitely a must in this game. I don't believe it is a hard game but is not easy to. Preparation is definitely key in this to succeed.
  25. I think nididi is such a good player to get. Good for b2b or even ball winner. I use guendouzi as b2b and he's done well
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