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  1. well im glad you cleared that up, i have never played him there are i dont play 4-4-2
  2. he isnt really suited do a mc position, he needs to be amc to get the best out of him
  3. in my save i play 4-2-3-1 and play him as a amc as a playmaker with a free roam, and these were his stats for the first season and he missed the last month is the season as well http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img911/2524/6wb2df.png
  4. if you read a few post above you will see how i finished for the season, i came first...just! the quicker you get your team to play to the tactics you want you will be fine with a few signings
  5. just finished the first season
  6. i cancelled the ox and took the ramsey one, now have £140 mill in the bank with a squad that is to big, selling ospina and maybe cazorla to, monreal is almost out the door
  7. wilshere is the replacement anyway and ox i just cancelled the deal, going to sell ramsey if he agrees the deal with city. bloody contract negotiations with current players atm are shocking, getting robbed completely!
  8. got a tough dilemma now, man city have now offered after negotiation, 55m each for ramsey and ox, £35 up front, 10 over 12 months, 10 after 10 international games and with ox its 15% of next deal and ramsey is 20% of next deal.. do i accept both or just ditch ramsey
  9. and so the first season if over and done with after winning the league at WHL, suffered more injuries than i care to remember along with an awful mid season blip but we managed to still plow on through after being eliminated in the 3rd round in the capital one cup and in the 6th round of the fa cup, the champions league is another story, first game we won, lost the next 3 on the bounce and then won the last 2 which put us through....just. We made it to the knockout stages, first knock out round was against real madrid, we beat them 7-5 on agg, next round we faced barcelona in which we went through 4-2 on agg. Semi finals we played the old foe Bayern Munich who i had in my group stages as well, we played away in the first leg and snatched a 1-0 win, the second leg was at home and we lost 2-1 going out on away goals. so the league table finished like this, a bit shocking when you see villa are in 6th place! http://imageshack.com/a/img907/958/wpnmQ5.png did quite a few transfers and 2 mistakes were made, gettin sakho from west ham, really wasnt that good, and getting talisca on loan for half the season, played 3 games for me then shoved him in the reserves, was useless. kouyate was a great signing and was a core part of my midfield in games against real madrid and barcelona when he played as a BWM DF and coquelin as BWM SU http://imageshack.com/a/img908/4033/Wb5ezX.png Alexis and ozil were crucial to my team in assists and goals, lost ozil the last month and half due to injury, also lost Gibbs for 7-8 months due to a viral infection http://imageshack.com/a/img903/9027/HST8zS.png http://imageshack.com/a/img911/2524/6wb2df.png Now the summer is here and with all the loans coming back, no doubt i will have to trim my squad. cazorla, jenkinson, monreal and sakho will be up for sale along with ospina.
  10. Cast your mind to 8th May 2016, Spurs v Arsenal, Arsenal need to get the win to seal the title with 1 game left with london rivals chelsea sitting in 2nd place. Game kicks off and spurs take the lead just before halftime with giroud taking a knock. Halftime comes, Welbeck goes up front and scores a hatrick and the score finishes 2-6 to Arsenal. Arsenal win the title at WHL for the third time in history!
  11. Fully agree with Sisto, got him in the first window of the game, played 22 games, 11 of those from the bench, 6 goals and 2 assists, great player to have on the bench for the wide positions, although if you still got campbell then hes pretty good to!
  12. Bellerin is robbing me with a new contract, demanded a new contract for playing so well, so gone from 45k a week to 165k a week with 25k every match bonus!!
  13. i have made a bid for john stones and after a few negotiations everton came back with a non negotiable fee of £40mill and 20% profit of next sale and made it unremoveable, even after going back a month later it is still there and cannot still be removed? does anyone know how long this will stay??
  14. i use walcott as a poacher when hes been fit, but alternate him with giroud who plats as a target man/support not attacking, chamberlain as a amr as an attacking winger, 5 goals and 4 assists. have been impressed with alexis though, 15 goals in 24 games and only 3 assists though as AML inside forward, only on 4th january at the moment so hoping i can get him to 30 goals this season! Ozil started the season off pretty crap tbh but after tweeking his amc advanced playmaker settings hes now on 11 assists and 6 goals in 25 games
  15. game just disappearing

    as I use my laptop for other things like facebook etc so I alt tab a lot of the time, twice now in the last few hours fm has suddenly disappeared, literally has shut itself down for no reason, not even notifying it! on top of having poor saving times its becoming a joke