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  1. Just a couple things i'd like to see changed: A total revamp of the transfer system. I find it far to difficult to sell my players however good they are and for whatever price. eg. I'm trying to sell my striker valued at 5M i offer him for 4M no one interested i keep going down until im even willing to offer him for free just to reduce the wage bill and STUILL no one is interested. I've also noticed that when you are promoted to the premmiership there seem to be no financial bonuses. The playoff winners IRL get a package of around 25M while on the game you got absoloutely nothing!
  2. A feature i would also like to se in FM08 is more media comments about referees and officials. I know you can complain about officials if there is alledged controversy but i often find after the game that i am disgusted with the referees performance and there is no way i can complain. Would be nice to have an previous referee comment like the previos manager opponent comment.
  3. Sorry if these have already been mentioned. 1.I'd like a way to criticise or praise the defence or midfield as a whole unit. Eg. you win 4-3 you praise your atacking pkayers but are unhappry with the defensive play. 2.I'd like to be able to appoint a Head of Youth. Someone who can reccomend layers in my reserves or U18's, say they would benefit from a loan spell or ready for 1st team action. 3.I'd like to personally give awards to players at the end of each season. Clubs in real life have awards for fans and ones chosen by the club. 4.To be able to add favoured clubs and players as you go along. Could help get a job or sign a player. 5.A clever addition would be to be able to target an opposition player for provokation. Eg. tell your CB to have a quiet word in the ear with someone with a temper like Rooney. In an aim to get him sent off. 6.Like to be able to choose from a pool of regens instead of just being given the useless lot at the moment. 7.I'd like a trophy cabinet to keep track with what i have won at clubs i have managed. 8.Testimonials would be a nice touch. 9.Hold press confrences for new players and more press conferences in general. If anyone has any opinions fell free to comment. Good or bad!
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