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  1. I generally use the same tactic but tweak according to whom I'm playing. Not sure if it is the patch or not but I make a lot of changes (not if I'm winning by a few goals) during a game - normally this is due to my team getting complacent. A few times I have down a few goals at halftime and tweak the tactics and managed to win. Reverse - have to watch my team does not get complacent 2nd half if winning and maybe adjust to hold lead. I find I have to watch the first 15 mins to see how my team are coping. Many people seem to have problems with balls over the top - if I see this happening then unselect hassle and choose standoff and maybe move a midfielder to anchor. if a striker's rating is very poor I might adjust where he is playing or who is feeding him.
  2. First two seasons. with my Arsenal save, I got rubbish regens, then in the third season five 4.5 - 5 star players came though all one go. Can't win anything with kids - we shall see...
  3. Compared to 14.1.14 I preferred FM13, at least I could get my team to play how I wanted. I enjoyed watching my team play in FM13 but with FM14, since latest patch, I get frustrated with wingers not crossing etc.
  4. Sadly, the more play with latest patch the more agree. I feel now I am setting tactics not to get my team how I would like to play but to counteract the match engine flaws.
  5. Same problem here and I have very good CBs who were fantastic before the latest patch. Having to adapt my tactics to the patch.
  6. Agree with all your points Defenders closing down issue is common in my game since the patch. And yet to see a downward header from a forward.
  7. I always tweak my shouts and some player settings after team talk, partly to adjust to how the opponents are setup and to keep them guessing. Also because, I may have selected player such as an u18 or a player who would better suit Winger rather than Inside Forward etc. It works for me.
  8. FM13 also challenged me and I really had to think about my tactics more. I have carried this through to FM14 and I am really enjoying it. Think it is the first version since the Amiga days where I have not had a crash. Normally, I wait till the after Xmas when most the patches are in place before playing. However, this time I took the risk and glad I did as although the game needs patches it still plays well - for me anyhow.
  9. - Testimonials, players who become eligible become highlighted etc, then with list of their preferred opponents - Add the Ryman Southern and Northern premiers. - Youth tournaments and camps - Youth academies – this could include players from 8 upwards - Regens – improve physical stats - Clubs able to open centres of excellence around the world - Home and away tactics for when on holiday - Media - Press Conference after important games - Ability to call Press Conferences - Taking staff with you when you move clubs - More staff and player interaction. - More interaction with the Captain - Ability to start as player/manager i.e 28 years old then choose position and ability - Manager trophy cabinet (with ability to add our own images) - Longer training history - More detailed set piece creation - More say in who plays in reserve matches i.e. tell assistant to give a first team player a run out in next reserve game. Often I move players to reserve (especially my 2nd keeper) but the assistant never plays them. - Improve supporters involvement i.e. the atmosphere is very hostile such as at Old Trafford – maybe this could be included in the scout report. Also supporters complain about style of play – crowds may drop if you play longball at West Ham. - players/fans complaining to you about your tactics or what position they play - campaigning on behalf of your player for awards/national team call-ups I agree totally with this – many young players play in lots of positions before they settle or the manager/coach decides which one they specialise in. Good idea
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