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    Real Madrid
  1. Selling top players at what age?

    I usually sell when they are between 29-30 years old.Like some people have said, exceptions are made for exceptional players.i have Xabi Alonso at 31 years old still playing first team football at my club.
  2. Wenger's always after my youngster also.lol.
  3. Prolific Strike Pairings

    Aguero as poacher,messi as target man (ball played to feet) .At least 35 goals per season, each
  4. your age for playing FM

    19 yrs old..started with fm 07
  5. Visual comparison of players

    wooo a visual comparison ???..thats not going to be really useful..everything you need to compare players is available and sufficient
  6. Real Madrid - 160 million TV Revenue??

    woahhh..thats alot...should be for a season..definately
  7. Time taken at the start of games

    i actually scan a team as soon as i get an offer from them,i delay for a week then check out the bank balance,thats the first thing i check. ,then check out the players.. takes about approximately 10mins to make my choices and get going.
  8. How long does your season take?

    pitchposh..this topic has been discussed time and time again..but im guessing you might be new to this forum..so you dont know that. anyway..for me a sesason takes about 1week ..and thats cause i have school to go to,but during the holidays when i am free,it takes at most 3days.
  9. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    http://s683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/shola25/?action=view&current=CLWIN.jpg check this out guys..i never though this day would ever come!
  10. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    <a href="http://s683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/shola25/?action=view&current=CLWIN.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/shola25/CLWIN.jpg" border="0" alt="CL win aginst chelsea"></a>
  11. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    yea..not so bad..but i conquered some pretty touch teams in the CL..i dont think i can pull it off again..thats the bad part
  12. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    my sporting save game just got corrupted..2011..i have a back-up but it takes me back 2months....gosh!! i've lost motivation too..
  13. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    btw..has the stadium ever been expanded?? i know the board they will never allow..but was jus wondering if it ever happend in anyone's game...cheers
  14. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    the league is pretty easy..the only 2 comptetitors are benfica and porto..you should look to establish your team as a dominant force in europe..thats a challenge..
  15. FM 2009 - Sporting CP: Os Leoes

    can anyone recommend a very good amc and dm for me..budget for both around 20million pounds..thnks