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  1. I have a couple of problems I would really appreciate help on if any1 could please? My save isn’t loading at all,all it says is ‘The save game could not be loaded’ would really like any tips on how to get my save back if possible. Also & this may lead me to to why I can’t get my save to load,last couple times I’ve clicked on FM19 to load the game up its came up as if I’m a brand new user & it’s wanting to download FM from scratch again but then it goes into ‘discovering’ previous files?? None of my preferences or manager character seem to be there. Seems pretty weird any suggestions on that?
  2. I’m not using the training provided I’ve just left it to my AM & it’s going really well. Sitting 3rd in the league with Leicester only 2 points off top in February. Had some great results,very pleased with this so far. The AML & CM(a) score majority of my goals,strikers in safe hands are useless 😂
  3. I’ve started a Leicester save using Safe Hands it’s going pretty well,took a 4-1 skelping off Arsenal tho 😬,still early days but been impressed. Looking forward to switching to Quick Hands once my squad improves 👍🏻 Any1 else still using these tactics? If so how you getting on?
  4. I’ve found it not to matter mate,I’m using the traditional way & they are playing excellent 👍🏻 Brilliant tactic 👏🏻👏🏻
  5. Can I just ask a quick question about the training? My Ass. man keeps editing the training because of fixture changes,do I keep his changes or stick stringently to the pre set ones?
  6. I’m assuming I’ll need a left foot on left side & right foot on right side? & I’ll also assume wide players with ‘cut inside’ PPM would be detrimental to this tactic?
  7. Looks fantastic mate Will be starting a new game with Southampton,later on when I get in,will be plugging this straight in
  8. This looks very promising 👏🏻 Will defo be having a look @ this when it’s uploaded 👀
  9. Starting a new save with Southampton could any1 point me in the direction of a good tactic that would work for them? Maybe a home & away one. Tha is in advance 👌🏻
  10. Forgive me for being stupid again mate but you say above I thought they were all FM18 tactics?
  11. I assumed these were updated for FM19 LOL!!!! Do you have a list of best tactics for FM19 mate? Cant believe I got that so wrong
  12. Just tried another off this thread & it didn’t show up either,it must be something I’m doing. Any ideas? Would the update affect it?
  13. Sorry is the link for Argus 102 working fine for everyone? ive downloaded it,put it in the tactics folder,but not showing up in game??? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  14. You using the original or the 442 mate? & are you just straight plug/play or changing certain things
  15. Struggling a bit creating any chances,my CCC & HC stats are very low. Just something I’ve noticed recently 🤔 Anyone having the same?
  16. Great tactic!! 1st season with Fulham no signings until January & I finished 6th Very pleased with the season all in,had a very worrying patch during Feb/March but I had injuries through the squad & was playing some of the bigger teams then as well. The striker doesn't get much goals (Mitro finished with 9) but the midfield smash them in! Both Sessengon & Schurrle,playing on the wing positions,got 15 or more plus my CM's pitched in with almost double figures Finished the season & this is my current XI going into transfer window I defo need to get a striker to help more,Mitro only got 3 assists that season A quicker CB instead of Mawson as well im thinking. Any input would be appreciated Great tactic,fantastic work Mr. Rosler
  17. Is everyone sticking with the attacking mentality all the time or switching it depending on opposition?
  18. Really like the look of this for my new Sunderland save I’m starting 👌🏻 Quick question tho about the WM’s?Would it be a major disadvantage to play more adventurous players who prefer the AMR/L roles there? Sunderland squad has McGeady who doesn’t suit a WM position & my main transfer target Antonio Marin doesn’t either,would they be okay? Cheers in advance,great looking tactic 👏🏻👍🏻
  19. Defo picked up 🤯 It looks a lot better Liverpool only beat me from an OG matches them all the way otherwise & Arsenal are top of the league & flying
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