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  1. Is everyone sticking with the attacking mentality all the time or switching it depending on opposition?
  2. Really like the look of this for my new Sunderland save I’m starting 👌🏻 Quick question tho about the WM’s?Would it be a major disadvantage to play more adventurous players who prefer the AMR/L roles there? Sunderland squad has McGeady who doesn’t suit a WM position & my main transfer target Antonio Marin doesn’t either,would they be okay? Cheers in advance,great looking tactic 👏🏻👍🏻
  3. Defo picked up 🤯 It looks a lot better Liverpool only beat me from an OG matches them all the way otherwise & Arsenal are top of the league & flying
  4. Yeah he does the team training & there is no OI’s,only thing I’ve set is individual training so the players train in the roles they will play. Can’t be that can it?
  5. Actually there seems to be 2 P104 versions on the OP,which one do you mean. Sorry
  6. What version of the BEOWULF 4231 is best do you think Knap?
  7. Has 19.2 version been tested? How’s it looking?
  8. Knap sorry to bother you but do you have any 3 @ the back tactics that have 2 CM,1 AMC & 2 ST? Looking to start a new save around this tactic,as I love the ‘number 10’ role but haven’t been able to find one yet.
  9. Finished 5th with West Ham 1st season using this tactic only 2 points of CL so quite pleased 👌🏻 Although defensively we leaked quite a few but hoping that with improvements along the back line that will shore up 🤞🏻 Any other advice? I’ve pretty much just P&P the tactic only switching to SUS to hold onto a slim lead last 10/5 mins of games. Liking the tactic a lot,thanks.
  10. I’m struggling a little with this,seems to leak a ton of late goals. Not sure if it’s my team but it’s incredibly frustrating! Playing as West Ham. Any advice?
  11. Could you please say what is it you do to change to SUS on a tactic? Is it just a mentality change? Looking to use the 352. Thanks .