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  1. JD 1984

    Championship Game Changers

    Mayoral in on loan from Real Madrid in my Fulham save was a total game changer! Banged them in for fun 👌🏻
  2. Really like the look of this! But sorry to ask guys,which version of this tactic do you guys recommend? Just so many different variations lol!
  3. Gylfi Sigurdsson is an absolute beast for me & is gettable
  4. Very interested by these tactics been looking for a 352 that works great. Which one is currently working best the original Liverpool one or the Burnley one? Any help from any1 would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. In the tactic usage section I'm assuming you mean standard when saying balanced? Sorry if wrong
  6. I'm flying in The Championship with Norwich using this tactic,if you stick to everything in the OP you'll go far. Ill update @ end of my season,but so far P24 W19 D4 L1 & the loss was away to Villa after I had a man sent off early,still bugs ?? Cheers Franky ??
  7. JD 1984

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Snapped him up for my Norwich save,fantastic little player playing him DM,rotated with Mulumbu. Great find well played ????
  8. Does it help if the Inside forwards are inverted? Right foot on left side & left foot on right side or does it not matter?
  9. Hail hail bhoys! Every year i'm on this thread reading stories & asking for advice on certain things & have never post my experience but decided to change that this year Just finished up my second season & its been going relatively well so far,as expected domestically has been rather easy bar a couple of cup blips & Europe being the bitch it always is 1st season transfers : Was quite happy with my signings,good mix of ready for first team & future stars. Ajer & Ely were must's i thought can slide straight in & have bags of potential. The acquisition of Calleri turned out to be pure genius! I just wish i had gotten him earlier. Selnaes is a BARGAIN for £1.5M's,bought him for cover but Allan got injured & he turned out to be amazing! League season 1: Not going to lie took a while to get it together,most of those losses were @ the beginning of the season & i was panicking a bit LOL! But in the end it was a clear 17 point gap & really a canter. Done the double by adding the Scottish cup to my trophy cabinet with a 3-0 win over Aberdeen,Dundee Utd. knocked out my B team in the league cup semis so wasn't to disappointed. Really struggled in the CL as you can see,just couldn't cope with the bigger teams,needed that bit extra & i didn't have it. 2nd season transfers: Defo thought i filled the gaps required,starting off the season with Calleri up front made a huge difference. I like Lindelof a lot hes really solid & should be a stalwart for years. Romero is just an utter tank in the middle of the park,stomps out fires & keeps it simple,best bosman ever! Even tho i rotate Byram with Lustig hes managed to get 14 assists!! A worthy replacement once Lustig retires. League season 2: Utter cake walk i really think i could have played the kids & Calleri & still won it! Aberdeen somehow managed to keep me down to 1 in the Scottish cup final this time & won it on pens the b**tards lol! The kids won the league cup tho with a 3-1 win over Motherwell so the double 2 seasons in a row is not too terrible! Really want that treble tho hahaha!! Delighted with the progression in the tournament was dreading it going into this campaign after getting a harder group than last year but some great performances,notably away in Wolfsburg ,seen us through with a game spare! I was confident after drawing Man Utd. they got the better of us last year but it was tight,but conceding 2 @ home i knew it would be difficult & it was,totally devastated Calleris 1st full season: 61 in 58 with 23 assists,i don't know about any1 else but i don't get that from non regens very often! Could not recommend this guy enough! Absolute cracking 1st full season,broke Larssons record & so many others. Bigger teams are circling but i've manged to keep him happy the now,he'll defo get punted for the £50M's asking price soon enough if he keeps that up. I've noticed 1 or 2 in this thread have signed him how are you guys finding him? I'm hoping a bit of wheeling & dealing again like in season 2 will push me to that next level in Europe. I've got Nathan Redmond (free) & Harry Souttar (£1M) coming in during the summer so hopefully getting another 1 or 2 quality signings in the van will put me on the road!
  10. JD 1984

    [FM16] USV 4-3-3 Tactic

    Having real difficulty getting this tactic into my games. I've tried the normal troubleshooting problems like reloading my games & FM,also unsubscribing then subscribing again but nothing seems to work! Could any1 help me? Or if some1 could load the tactic onto a hosting site & post the download link that would be great. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  11. Cheers for the advice mate,Oczipka will be brought straight in then.
  12. Looking for a bit of advice on certain players if thats ok? Just started a Newcastle save,do 1 every year but waited too long this year ,& i was wondering about a 3 of the players Haidara,Dummett & Colocinni. Just really want to know if Colo is still up to being a first choice CB & if Dummett & Haidara turn out to be any good. Was thinking of making Haidara my 1st choice LB & saving myself some money,even though i have deal lined up for Oczipka. Really never seen any of these players go anywhere in my other saves but if i played them enough would that change? Appreciate any help thanks (y)