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  1. Playing in classic mode, played 30 games, drawn 19. It's scandalous. Score draws too, and there's a distant lack of highlights too. Attack/Overload doesn't work and the game feels more like a game of 'eenie minie', can go into a game by far the strongest yet somehow lose/draw, It's a rubbish game, enough said. SI have ruined what used to be an enjoyable title. It's a chor to play and I don't now get the feeling my hard work is paying off when i do get results. It feels like a lottery.
  2. Yep. I'm glad I only paid a tenner for it, first game since FM 09 and it's regressed. Thanks SI for making my mind up, save me a few extra quid per year.
  3. Cheers, i'll have a look, is there anything major FM Classic is missing from the main game?
  4. Saw it for cheap so thought i'd get it, was the gaming series I played through most my childhood afterall, and i've got to say I absoloutely can't stand the direction it's gone in. Decided to pack it in already after a day of having it. The game's so overly complex now it's borderline unplayable. One too many options within the game, most seem incredibly pointless to me and time consuming, the 3D match engine is ridiculous (stick to FM/PES if you want 3D gameplay) and my screen is loaded with far too much detail it's actually making my eyes hurt trying to look at everything and browse the numerous tabs dotted around the screen (I am using a HD monitor, but i've never had such a headache playing a game in 20 years of gaming). I don't need a player biography on there, and things like player contracts and player interaction are in different sections when it used to be under one drop down list. Regardless of all the nonsence it's now thrown up, I was willing to give it the benefit of doubt and try and get used to it.... then I discovered the most irritating feature which has remainded since CM4... the transfer market. 10 years on and it's still absoloute crap. Average joes like Aaron Lennon still cost a bomb (Tottenham want a deal starting at £54m... yeh right!). it's an absoloute outrage that it's never been sorted out, and if SI say it has then they're lying through their teeth. It's disgraceful actually. Every year it used to get a number of complaints on here and each year an SI mod would say it's been put forward to the devs, and every new iteration it was the same. It's largely why I stopped buying the games. Might just go back to CM 03/04, pretty outdated, but still the king of CM/FM games. Luckily I only paid £12 for FM2013. I'm all for making it the 'ultimate' managerial sim, but not to the point it becomes an absoloute chor to play.
  5. Right I found a solution thanks to Firgof Umbra on the Steam Community: Do this, then open steam, it'll update, then you log in, and it should be working again. It's becoming a massive pain to use though. Steam should have been ditched for this years game, amazed SI are still using it when it's clear their are so many problems with it.
  6. You can't. You have to log in to do it, and I can't update Steam as i'm getting 'Error 1316'. I've been trying all morning and i've given up, refuse to buy another SI product again.
  7. I'm having the same problem. I refuse to uninstall my game too in case I do corrupt the save like the fella above me has. How else do I play the game? Trying to play it by searching "Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\football manager 2010" doesn't work either as it still tries to log in to Steam. Quite frankly it's disgusting customer service.
  8. Football Manager isn't real life. His stats on the game are ridiculously overrated and have been for the last four or five games now, and he's not scored 44 goals by performing only against the bottom half teams has he? Honestly.
  9. I don't have home and away tactics - and that's where this game is going wrong. The emphasis put on them in this game is bordering on the ridiculous. I'll happily change the mentality of the team depending how the games going and i'll change personel to suit who i'm playing against, but i'm not going to change my formation and alter my footballing philosophies just to stop getting a 6-2 hammering. That's only part of the problem. Bugs like consistent 30 yard long range piledrivers and the AI's ability to hit the back of the net when 1 on 1 with my keeper add to the frustration. My striker with a finishing of 18 and a goal record of 44 goals in 38 games can't score for crap in these specific matches but their attacking mid with a finishing and composure of 13 can score a hat trick with just 4 shots on goal? No. It's pathetic.
  10. I've recently lost against Manchester United 6-2 with my players all receiving ratings of 4's to 6's. I've warned every single one of them and half of them feel they've been treated unfairly. It's another bug that SI need to be made aware of.
  11. This games increasingly becoming well out its depth. No one wants to sit there for 20 minutes changing their tactics for every team they face. Not one for the casual fan any more, and it's extremely disappointing.
  12. My tactics are fine, the AI is so badly flawed that it pre-determines that i'm going to lose before I even jump in. I can outplay the team at my ground with ease, conceed a couple cheap goals because the AI thinks it'll balance the game out, then get crushed at their ground. It happens to me only in the latter stages of the compeition and only when I get the first leg at home. If I manage a comfortable win at home, I pretty much know before I even start the second leg that i'm either going to get outplayed for the entire 90 minutes and lose or lose big time and not progress at all. It's a bug, and I refuse to believe it's my tactics. Looking at the forum over the last few days now, i'm not the only one having numerous problems with the game. It desperately needs a patch and fast.
  13. Won the first leg against Manchester United 3-2 in the Quarter finals (Bizarrly with all my south american stars on International duty). Ive just lost the second leg 6-2, and the Manchester United side is full of 30 year olds and players of the calibur of James Milner. No Wayne Rooney and no Nemanja Vidic either. I did everything the same as I have in previous rounds, but i've been knocked out simply because it's Man Utd. It's equally as bad as when I was beaten by Porto 6-0. Big team, automatically going to score and win. I tried to contain them and play defensively and tried to counter attack, and nothing seemed to work. I feel cheated by the computer yet again. Second time i've had a mauling like that and none of my scorers (One with 44 goals in 38 games btw) couldn't even muster a goal. My entire team got ratings of 4.5 to 6 ratings. Disappointed with SI, more I play this game the more the bugs stand out, and it's becoming less and less enjoyable for me.