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  1. Hi Neil, looking for the Stag Do thread, tried loads of advanced option searches but can't find it. Can you try for me please? Ta

    1. Neil Brock

      Neil Brock

      Can you remember what the thread was called or who originally posted it? 

    2. liamaldinho


      Can't remember who OP is but I'm fairly sure there was a thread floating around titled 'Stag Do' or 'Stag-do'. Wanted to post in it instead of creating another generic thread. Ta

  2. Found it, thanks! I'm playing as Everton, in December 2018 at the moment, unbeaten in 39!
  3. Is there a way of finding out how many games I'm unbeaten in the league? Or is it just a case of going back through fixtures and counting them up myself? Thanks
  4. How do you play Barkley? I've tried Attacking Midfielder both roles and Advanced Playmaker but he'll never end up in the box on the end of a cross or something. Always does it for England though.
  5. In the 2nd half of the first season Osman came up with some important goals in that role you described. This was when Barkley was out injured. You might be rewarded for dropping Barkley for Osman I think, i didn't have the bottle for it. Plus Osman seemed to be able to distribute and keep the ball better than Barkley.
  6. Great work man, I'm envious. I managed to finish 7th, but also win the FA Cup somehow so that was good. How did you manage to spend £39M in the first season? I think I'm the only one managing Everton who didn't sell or buy at the start, apart from Michu on a free. Wanted to see what I could do with the current bunch. Major changes in the 2nd summer though!
  7. Any ways of keeping him? Made affiliation with Excelsior in Holland, game won't let me loan him there. His contract has run out and is at the club on day to day basis, hoping he doesn't leave because he's decent backup for Baines. Any replacements people recommend?
  8. Trying to offer Oviedo a new contract but he can't accept it because of the problem of work permit. How did he manage to join the club in the first place if there is work permit problems? And is there anyway around this getting Oviedo to sign a new contract? End of first season.
  9. I'm about 8 games into the season and Lukaku hasn't been playing very well for me, what formations and roles are you playing the team, Lukaku, and the attackers around him? Cheers.
  10. Whats the path of conversation you guys have gone through to keep Stones, no matter what I try he always becomes unhappy and says he's leaving end of. Also, Frankie Bunn is a decent replacement if Graeme Jones leaves.
  11. Anyone giving Sunderland a go with this update? If so any tips/advice?
  12. Hi guys, finished first season with everton, won the league cup and somehow won the premiership! I was shocked too, lukaku jelavic and ex arsenal eduardo up front lethal, Baines Distin Jags rocks at the back. Any details on request. Anyway, been given £38.5m to play with in the summer, with the qualify for Champions League expectation. Need a top quality striker if you can recommend some, and possibly some flairy wingers. Signed Sergio Romero on a free, Huddlestone for £10m, Gareth Barry on a free for back up. Dennis Praet for 4m, FCPs defensive mid Fernando on a free. Will probably buy Gai
  13. Came here to post the same thing. Help would be greatly appreciated! Although my game was installed from a disc through steam. This is the error message I'm getting http://i61.tinypic.com/15gti4z.jpg trombomtom are you getting the same? I'm on Windows XP. EDIT: trombomtom check this link out and give these a go http://steamcommunity.com/app/231670/discussions/0/630800444009677582/
  14. Nope no editor data, and nothing added, if you mean graphics and stuff. Not for those 2 saves anyway, nothing edited.
  15. No luckily haven't had forced shut down for god knows how long, not during the play of these 2 saves anyway.
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