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  1. John Schofield

    E3 2018 Thread - 11th June *Contains Leaks and Spoilers*

    So pleased it isn't MMO as I thought from what they said last year.
  2. John Schofield

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    Newcastle firm but they expanded to most of the north and midlands so not surprised you haven't heard of them
  3. John Schofield

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    Such terrible news, but does sound like they are hoping for a buyer to save them, feels like it could be Game coming in for them to me as those original ones closed either very small or already a Game in the area. Was going to go into North Shields over Easter to support them but its too late. I traded in a couple of games and nearly used it for a pre-order (as you got 15% more) but thought against it. Only place I'd buy from if not online and was great to have the store just up the road from me. As other said it was on the small side but I went in so much it felt like a second home
  4. John Schofield

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    Very sad to see those Grainger stores close. Really liked the staff in the Whitley Bay branch but they did get a bit pushing for pre-orders and trade ins.
  5. I was aware of this from the start but that has ended up costing me as you used to get less coins for purchases than you do now
  6. Any word on the playing time getting fixed?
  7. Not got Celeste but I thought I saw mention of an assist mode for those who wanting to see the story
  8. Pleased about dkc as never picked that up on Wii u. No confirmed releases for April so could be another direct to launch online services? Think a few won't be happy as wanted a big full direct and no stuff on big first party games
  9. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    Not bothered with the scanline setting yet, hated how squashed stuff looks on the the pixel perfect setting. More impressed how much I preferred the other games I've got for my SNES that are also on the SNES Classic via the upscaler. Basically SNES classic is comparable to the SNES connected by RGB.
  10. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    Think I was too harsh on my upscaler as I've plugged my SNES classic into the TV to see how the original hardware compares and in case of DKC I much prefer it via the upscaler. SNES classic looks a lot more pixelated. Other games look about the the same if more vibrant through the upscaler.
  11. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    Composite is the yellow only that you can plug into a scart adaptor for video where as component has the Red, Blue and Green for video (both have the red and white for audio). RGB is usually a solid scart cable, as I said I've watched those super geeky videos about video signal types Basically if the picture looks smudged and washed out it is composite. I've got a second hand GC from a mate and that has a composite cable with it but it sure wasn't the cable that came with the console. So we might have got RGB cables by default
  12. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    Wasn't that composite?
  13. I thought that would be the case, and if you say the single player is just recycled then no point at all.
  14. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    Cheers for the replies guys, to be honest with the Gamecube just having the RGB scart has made a huge difference and I'm happy with that and the PS2. Got rid of my Wii so the Gamecube only option is the unit, got rid of it not long after I picked up the Wii U. As I said with my current one I noticed some improvements with the SNES (especially in DKC), and as you said, is the picture improvement I'd get from even the OSSC worth it? Just thought I'd check and will just leave it as it is.
  15. John Schofield

    The Retro Gaming Collecting Thread

    I've recently started to look at getting some better cables etc. to hook up my SNES, Mega Drive, N64, Gamecube and PS2 to my old Panasonic Vieira and I also picked up a scart to HDMI upscaler as well. Was inspired partly by the My Life in Gaming youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mylifeingaming/featured but they go a lot further than I really want. I mean they have that Framemeister that is like £300+ and not sure the result is worth that. Just wondered if anybody else has got a HD upscaler that they are happy with, haven't the space for a CRT. The one I've got is this one https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-scart-to-hdmi-adapter-with-audio-extractor-n70en So got scart RGB cables for SNES, Mega Drive and Gamecube but my upscaler doesn't really do that much on the SNES and Mega Drive, and the Gamecube looks worst No point with the N64 as that doesn't output RGB but considering getting a S-Video cable to see if it looks a bit better. Went with a component for the PS2.