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  1. Team Meeting

    Really sorry to see this happen in your save. It would be a big help to get a save game from before you did this meetings so we can take a look and see why the players have reacted so strangely.
  2. Sacked whilst 'untouchable'

    That does sound strange if it wasn't related to the "give youth a chance" promise with the board. The player promises don't directly sack you. It would be good if you could upload a save game from before you was sacked so we can have a look and see what happened. One thing I've thought off is that it is June in that screenshot, was your contract due to expire at the end of the month?
  3. The message isn't coming from the player, it is from your player liaison officer and is just a reminder for the upcoming season. As these promises are long term and can be made up to 2 seasons in advance they always come at the start of the season, in your case this wasn't needed as you only made it a few weeks ago. The final sentence does need re-writing as from your response it is clear that you've taken this as a threat from the player, when it is just letting you know what could happen if you fail to get promotion, so will look at improving that for a future release. Regarding the demands for first team football, this was is very strange as there are checks stopping injured players from complaining. Did you happen to have had a chat with the injured player promising them football on their return or had made a promise to the player to play them more before they got injured? I'm just wondering if again you have just received what is meant to be reminder about a promise (which shouldn't have been sent if the player was injured) and you've interrupted it as coming from the player.
  4. Response to player

    This one is strange as you can probably tell the player should have come to you not long after you took charge in january, it would be good if you have a save game we could have a look at as closes to after you took charge so we can have a look and see why he only came to you in June.
  5. That is just a reminder from your Player Liaison Officer that he expects the club to get promotion. That has no affect on his happiness at the club (unless you fail to get promotion of course). Maybe the final line of text could be word a bit better so doesn't look like he is currently annoyed. It would be good to see save games showing players who are injured who are asking for first team football. That shouldn't be happening so would be good if you could upload a save game for us to take a look at. The issue with wage demands should be reported in the transfer and contract forum that can be found here https://community.sigames.com/forum/568-transfers-and-contracts/
  6. Error with "Promises"

    How did you make these promises? Was it in a contract re-newel or in a chat with the players?
  7. Has the U23 side just played in the Football League Trophy?
  8. That does sound like an issue and it would be really helpful if you could upload a save game from before the player complained so we can take a look at why the unhappiness has triggered. A guide on how to upload a save game can be found here:
  9. That is a very strange one, but I think what has happened is N'Zoni news item should be about the sale of Fellaini. Would be a big help if you could upload a save game from before those news items appeared. A guide on how to do this can be found here:
  10. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    I'd keep an eye on this as I believe he would have come as we appointed David Moss as our DOF this summer so I reckon we would have followed him. But only this week Moss has left the club so I wouldn't be surprised if van den Helder followed him again
  11. You should have the option along the lines of "I've not taken this decision lightly but ultimately the club needs to cash in on you as soon as possible." which the player should consider and drop the issue if they won't sign a new deal. Can some of these save games be uploaded please so we can take a look at this issue Also there should be a chat available from the players profile to warn them they will be transfer listed and one of the options is about not signing a new deal. As the players are on holiday at the start of the game you will have to wait until pre-season starts.
  12. Players Unhappy - Club Unachieving

    What was your minimum season expectations? Did you change them when you had a chance? That save game with be ok so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this
  13. FM2012 difficulty.

    You can ask for a parent club it doesn't mean the board will agree to you having one.
  14. Official Patch 11.2 Feedback thread

    This should be fixed in this patch
  15. Official Patch 11.2 Feedback thread

    There is a greater chance that they will becoming happy again. But it isn't guaranteed as it depends on a few different factors.