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  1. I think this shows how bad the messaging is that the rule is still 2 metres but a 1m if not possible (mainly physical walls)
  2. @sebsy not sure if you've seen but Forbidden Planet Glasgow are selling the Toxic Rick and Morty for £25 including P&P. Mine just arrived today, if you look on their facebook page you can see the offer.
  3. Cool, still looking forward to the He-man ones but that is it for that list.
  4. Have you got a link to the list? I saw there might be some more more GI Joe ones coming which would be ace if they finally do Duke
  5. The Morty one is from episode 1 I think as its the death he sees with the death crystals. King Rick one is a deluxe pop so will be £24.99 BTW
  6. Looks like they are doing something on a few days this month and I can't find access to this page on the website but I thought I'd share it https://www.popinabox.co.uk/black-friday.list?utm_source=04112019-piab-uk-bf-marvel&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=04112019-piab-uk-bf-marvel&affil=thgemail&ecrmcid=Y4NydE6J75D0rjme4AdQGMKbOzZ928qX&shae=bdVxmB5VfYcvqaZ2XB55YVBPCnaI7F08c%2BwPhbINzts%3D&sendTime=1572890400&widget_id=1524416
  7. In case any of you aren't signed up to the PIAB newsletter they have a pretty good sale on at the moment for Black Friday but seems you need this link https://www.popinabox.co.uk/black-friday/movies-and-tv.list?utm_source=01112019-piab-uk-black-friday&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=01112019-piab-uk-black-friday&affil=thgemail&ecrmcid=Y4NydE6J75D0rjme4AdQGMKbOzZ928qX&shae=bdVxmB5VfYcvqaZ2XB55YVBPCnaI7F08c%2BwPhbINzts%3D&sendTime=1572633000&widget_id=1522711 Decent savings on some pretty new Pops and the sale leading item is the Ghostbusters banquet room movie mom
  8. Not seen this thread for some time I'm still going with my subscription at PIAB and still getting more value than I pay so happy days. Good few from the NYCC I wouldn't mind getting including the Simpson, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, some of the Marvel ones and possibly the Rick & Morty ones. Likely going to go for Popcultcha as the convention ones have shot up in the price to £19.99. I'm curious why the Addams Family pops haven't released over here, seems strange but guess there is some licensing reason.
  9. I went with Amazon and looks like its only this weekend
  10. I can't remember which episode Lisa was the devil, but a good pick, Would have preferred Ned as the Devil and can't really think of a real iconic Lisa Treehouse character (pretty sure somebody will correct me)
  11. I was hoping that Jaws eating Quint was a Movie Moment so included the boat but it will do I saw some mention there is going to be 75 for SDCC so lots more to come still
  12. There is also some secret Rick and Morty ones, guess they have something to do with the new season but not sure why they have announced them like this
  13. SDCC announcements have started and I imagine these might be popular with a few of you in here
  14. Can't remember where I read it but the explanation for the characters not ageing is that in these films that time passes but the characters do not age, not sure if this is a comic convention or just a lame excuse
  15. I guess it best to ask @sebsy but which episode of Rick and Morty is the facehugger from?
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