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  1. info provided

    It sounds like you've got the option to only be able to manage teams without managers ticked. When you setup the game make sure you click the advance setup button and make sure the option "Prevent teams which already have manager from being controlled" is unticked
  2. Need More Info

    What was your minimum season expectations? Did you change them when you had a chance? That save game with be ok so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this
  3. You can ask for a parent club it doesn't mean the board will agree to you having one.
  4. This should be fixed in this patch
  5. There is a greater chance that they will becoming happy again. But it isn't guaranteed as it depends on a few different factors.
  6. I wouldn't advise using this as all those changes do is break all the unhappiness conversations. If you get an unhappy player you could get some messed up conversations. The changes have simply delayed the issue that has to be fixed in code as players can still progress to requesting to be transfer listed.
  7. It depends on the players personality. They won't react badly every time.
  8. Regarding tutoring. The short answer is that they all three options have the same outcome like Veg has said. The difference between the three options is now main the tutor will react to the request. For example, if you use the middle option with a tutor who sees themselves as a key player then they might react badly as you are undermining his role (as the tutor thinks he'll be that players ideal role model). Hope this clears it up.
  9. Just managed to get this to here and I've fixed it for a future patch. The game wasn't stopping when the invite was sent and taking you to the inbox meaning the button was removed before you got the chance to read the news item.
  10. If somebody could log this in the bugs forum with a save game and I'll take a look at it.
  11. Check the date the mail was sent and then the game date. The news item have been generated and you missed it. You can get to the backroom advice at any point from your squad screen.
  12. Not 100% sure what your issue is. Are you getting invited to a meeting and then there is no advice there? You can go the screen at any point from the link in the first team squad screen. Every 2 weeks you'll be remind to go to a meeting which will come as a message with a button to take you to the meeting.
  13. Rules are updated for the 2009 season. There has been improvements regarding AI teams signing Designated Players and the main new feature is the ability to get your Assistant to complete a report of possible Designated PLayers that are interested in joining the club.
  14. This has been improved for the patch.
  15. Originally each staff member had there own report. But in testing it was found that the useful information was lost, instead the short seperate advice get straight to the point. The advice needs to be individual as well so the action buttons can be present as well.