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  1. Wahey yes i have finally done it, yipee. cheers guys, great work, any new update due soon ?????
  2. Guys please help asap, ok i have 1.2 update on desktop now please tell me exactly how to do it, i managed 1.1 but dont know how the hell i did it. I have spent all day trying to do it. Please help me guys.Im using vista, not sure if that matters. i need to know what to past, copy cut etc. totally lost. Not understanding whats meant by replacing config files, not got a clue
  3. mufcking.. how do i copy over the pics and the config. im totally stuck mate
  4. Glad i started this thread, glad im not the only one out there who has press conferences and interviews, Had a dream last night i was being interviewed by Ali Douglas on setanta and had an affair with her, my mates at work had a great laugh about it today
  5. class, i got caught by some old man walking his dog the other day talking to myself (the sun) regarding Robbie Fowlers injury
  6. Ok i know people last year had the odd press conference speaking to invisable press and media, Just wondered if anyone still doing it, Must admit i announced to the press i had signed David James for Blackburn sitting on the loo yesterday.
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